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The 7 best clothing label companies in Medellín

Today we will introduce you to the 7 best clothing label companies in Medellín, because each city in Colombia has places specialized in this type of accessories that are essential for the process of selling their clothing.

If you want to know more about clothing labels, their manufacturing process, printing and other details, we suggest you visit this article.

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What is the color scale?

Within the theory of color we can find a very interesting concept that we will definitely have heard sometime in our lives: the color scale.

But do we really know what the color scale is? Could you answer that question without checking your mobile phone or searching the internet? Surely not, but don’t worry, today you will learn much more about this concept.

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Warm and cool colors, broad color theory

The difference between warm colors and cold colors has been part of color theory since the 18th century and the main purpose of studying these colors is to know how they can affect those who look at such paintings or designs.

This difference and the effects that both types of colors can have on art is known as the color temperature.

How to know if a color is cold or warm? It all depends on how our brain perceives that color and how we interpret the sensation that color gives us.

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Complete Theory on Simultaneous Color Contrast

Have you ever heard of simultaneous color contrast?

The truth is that this is a very interesting human phenomenon and one that is worth knowing

It is for that reason that today we bring you the complete theory on simultaneous color contrast.

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How to choose a good printer

Many times we have heard about printers, but are we really clear about what a printing company does, some of its history and importance and what we must take into account to choose a good online printing company?

In this article we will answer these and other concerns about the printing press so that you have enough information when choosing one.

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Everything you need to know about the color cyan

Do you want to know the origin of the cyan color? Here you can learn a little about the cyan color meaning and more?

Stay with us today you can learn everything you need to know and much more about one of the colors that raises the most emotions in the world.

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What is the khaki color? Uses and combinations

Do you know what the color is khaki?

How many times have you heard about this color, but you don’t know what it means, its history, its uses and the possible combinations that can be obtained from this color?

Do not worry because today they will know everything they need to know about the color khaki, its uses, combinations, a little history and much more.

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What is French sangria?

Today we will learn much more about French indentation, one of the most used types of indentation and which is very important for the recognized APA standards.

It is important to know the different types of indentation so that the texts we write look much more professional and their design adapts perfectly to the place where we plan to publish them.

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Custom shower trays using digital printing

Do you want to renovate your current bathroom? Or are you thinking of a totally new bathroom? Custom shower trays are an excellent option for you to personalize your bathroom to your liking and what better way than using digital printing where the limit is your imagination!

Nowadays, people prefer a shower tray to a bathtub and not have bathrooms with a shower tray and a bathtub. This allows them to have a wide variety of designs, shapes and materials, additionally, which allows them to save space, water and is very functional.

Below we will give you all the information that you should take into account to make the best choice of your custom shower trays.

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Top 10 Illustrator Techniques You Should Know

Illustrator is an editor based on the creation and editing of vector graphics, its way of working is like that of an arts workshop, that is, it uses a work board better known as a “work table”. Here are 10 Illustrator techniques that will save you time and effort. We hope you enjoy it!

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