What is the color scale?

qué es la escala de colores

Within the theory of color we can find a very interesting concept that we will definitely have heard sometime in our lives: the color scale.

But do we really know what the color scale is? Could you answer that question without checking your mobile phone or searching the internet? Surely not, but don’t worry, today you will learn much more about this concept.

What is the color scale?

Los colores pueden variar según sus características principales (el tono, la luminosidad o la saturación), la escala de colores representa justamente eso: la variación que puede existir entre los diferentes colores según las características que cada color pueda tener.

Types of color scales

It is important to understand that there are mainly two types of color scales (within them we can clearly get a huge variety of other scales) which are: chromatic color scales (of those colors that have color) and achromatic scales (colors without color ).


It is that variation that is formed by changing the main characteristics of the colors in their completely pure nature. How do you change the characteristics of the pure colors? Simply adding achromatic colors (these colors are white, black, and even gray).



On the other hand, the variation of achromatic colors is one that can also be called the gray scale, that is, they go from black to white (adding greater luminosity).

In this scale, all the colors that can be found are formed only with black and white.


primary color scale

As we mentioned before, there is also a great variety of color scales that can be formed taking into account other characteristics and even taking only a specific color or many other things.

For example, we have the primary color scale, with some modifications of its main characteristics: its luminosity, saturation, among others.


We can also find the scale of warm colors and the scale of cold colors, it shows the different tones and some of their characteristics modified on the same scale.

If you want to know more about these colors, we invite you to visit the post on our website in which we tell you everything you need to know about cold colors and warm colors (a very important theory for artists, designers and marketing professionals to know). and sales).


As you may have noticed, there may be a color scale according to different qualities, types of shades, and modifications that can be made to each color.

For example, it is possible to find a green color scale, a yellow color scale and, in general, a tonality for each primary, secondary and intermediate color.

What is important for you is that you understand a little the theory behind a color scale so that you can bring this to your designs and your creations by properly using luminosity, saturation, among other things.

How to make a color scale in photoshop?

The first thing they must do to be able to directly edit an image in photoshop is to create layer 0, which is the one that will allow them to access the advanced editing options.


It will also be necessary for the image to be (even temporarily) in RGB mode.

After this you can work the colors of your image without problems with this editing program that is not easy to use but has great tools to help you with your designs.

Achromatic colors in photoshop

The first variation that you can select is the achromatic color scale or gray scale, to do so you simply have to select the option image, mode and choose gray scale.

A very simple process that will lead you to have your image only between colors that are between black and white in their different shades.

They can also change only one layer, selecting only that layer and modifying the settings in the same way as before).

Create your own color scale

colored pencils

If you want to create a custom color scale, the process is different and will depend on what you really need. For example, they can create a blue color scale simply by modifying some characteristics of the “pure” color and painting different shapes with such modifications.

Usually these types of scales are created to observe the different shades and make the choice much easier when creating some type of design and we want to quickly test different shades of the same color.

This will save a lot of work time, they can have different scales of various colors, for example, a red color scale (very significant warm color) is recommended to use it in different designs and try different combinations.

We recommend you practice a little what we have commented previously so that you learn how to make a color scale in photoshop or even in any other program in which you may need to have quick access to different tones to make combinations and tests.

We also invite you to stay on the blog and review many of our other posts in which we tell you everything about color theory, design tips, advice on printing and many, many other things that will surely be of use to you.

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