Everything you need to know about the color cyan

color cian significado

Do you want to know the origin of the cyan color? Here you can learn a little about the cyan color meaning and more?

Stay with us today you can learn everything you need to know and much more about one of the colors that raises the most emotions in the world.

Cyan color meaning and more …

The color cyan has a very interesting meaning and since it was discovered it has been related to tranquility, to feeling good and light.

color cyan

Even many people often associate it with our emotional side, this is due to its hue (which is between blue and green) and that makes it a color widely used throughout the world.

The name of this color comes from a dye discovered many years ago by Greville Williams (an analytical chemist) more than 50 years ago. The colorant is called cyanine and therefore the name of the color would be cyan.

A little history about this color

It was not until the beginning of the Modern Age that cyan began to be used as a color that would be part of society and people’s lives, this was because it used to be closely related to the Catholic Church and by the nobility.

Today, the cyan color maintains quite its fame since that time, it is highly used in clothing, in construction and painting and even in web design and much more.

How to make cyan color?

color cyan

Many people have wondered how the color cyan is made and today we want to help you answer that question quite easily.

To form the cyan color we need primary colors, since this is a secondary color.

The mixture must contain the following colors: blue and green, it is for this reason that many people around the world know it as a greenish blue or even a bluish green (it depends on the hue of the color used).

As you can see, it is quite easy to make cyan, but if you create it yourself, you should know that the more of one of the colors you add, the closer the cyan will get closer to that color.

Cyan color and printers

printing machine

Did you know that a lot of printers around the world use a system other than RGB? For this reason, cyan color in the printer is one of the most common and sold throughout the world.

The large number of printers currently (and during history) use CMKY, this means that they use Cyan, Magenta, Key (black color) and Yellow (yellow) to with these 4 colors achieve that the prints made on them are the closest to what we see on the screens prior to printing.

This is quite an interesting feature that you probably did not know about the color cyan.

Clearly it is also one of the reasons why this color is so common and many people wonder even daily what is the color cyan and magenta (two colors that are part of printer cartridges.

Let’s know a little more about the color cyan

As we said before, this color is highly appreciated in society for its shades that are quite close to the color of the water, the sea and that provide tranquility to those who surround them.

color palette

Many times you can see this color in main rooms (it is perfect for sleeping), but surprisingly many people decide to paint their offices in this color because it is said to have a great relationship with intelligence and knowledge.

In addition, it makes people a little more patient (something quite necessary many times in offices and waiting rooms).

If we go a little further and study the meaning of this color in psychology we can find out that it is seen as a color that has the ability to maintain positive energies and make you feel much more serene.

It is precisely for all these reasons that you will be able to see cyan in many products and places around the world, for example: How many cleaning supplies have you seen using cyan or colors with similar shades? A lots of? This is because it brings them closer to an image of something refreshing, calm and above all, clean.

It is also widely used on websites, in marketing campaigns and much more for generating well-being and allowing a much faster connection with potential customers.

Of course, it is important not to be exaggerated in the use of this color to avoid negative results (when used in an exaggerated way it can create an effect of coldness rather than tranquility).

What is the html code for this beautiful shade?

If you want to put the cyan color on your website, you just have to use the following code: # 00FFFF.

Remember one thing, this code will allow you to obtain the base tone of the cyan color, for other lighter or darker tones you will have to look for other codes that can serve you.

As we mentioned before, many people use cyan html color because of the interesting properties of color in people’s psychology and because it is highly used in marketing campaigns to call more customers and give them that feeling of tranquility regarding the product they are buying.

With what colors to combine the cyan tone?

cyan color palette

Have you decided to use cyan for your brand, website, or even clothing? So they have to know what are the best colors to match cyan.

This color can be perfectly combined with different shades and styles of some other colors such as: red, gray, pink, yellow, brown and orange.

It is not recommended to combine with blue or green as the color comes from a mixture of both colors and it can look too overloaded or badly styled.

You already know the most important thing about cyan color meaning and more! A beautiful color that you will surely begin to use much more in your day to day after reading its most relevant characteristics.

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