Top 10 Illustrator Techniques You Should Know

Illustrator techniques

Illustrator is an editor based on the creation and editing of vector graphics, its way of working is like that of an arts workshop, that is, it uses a work board better known as a “work table”. Here are 10 Illustrator techniques that will save you time and effort. We hope you enjoy it!

This program uses mathematical equations to make any figure or shape, so it has a great feature, scalability without loss of resolution, in other words, the quality is maintained in such a way that the lines retain their sharpness no matter the size.

The work is done on a work table that gives you a simple interface to use and intuit, one of the greatest benefits is that it is compatible with many formats and not only with the native of this program.

How can digital illustration techniques help you in Illustrator?

Digital illustration techniques in Illustrator can serve you in many ways to optimize your work in the main use of this program, which is that you can create diagrams, graphic magazine content, logos, logos, illustrations, book covers, magazines, cartoons, graphics, among others; in fact, you can be sure that it is the most used professional cutting software in the world for you to carry out these tasks; in other words, any work that you are going to publish in print.

Vector graphics

We apply this method with drawings based on points that are joined by lines so that your entire image maintains excellent definition regardless of size, you also use it to create new high-quality designs that adapt to any medium that you must use them.


In this method, the entire graphic is based on a colored octagonal lattice, in other words, a large number of pixels which each one separately contains the color information that makes up a complete image.

If you are going to compare the methods, in the bitmaps, you must depend on the resolution to achieve consistency in colors, this must be taken into account when using them.

Illustrator techniques

Technique 1 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

If you have a file which has several layers and you want to see only one of the specific layers, you can do it in 2 very easy and fast ways:

  1. Click on the eye that appears on the right side of the program and drag it down, deactivating the visibility of the layers until you only see the one you need.
  2. Press the ALT key while selecting the only layer you want to see and voila, only the selected layer is visible.
technique 1A
technique 1B

Technique 2 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

This technique consists of displaying only one layer of the image in outline or control view, since when you go to view-view and then to outline-control view, you are going to see all the layers of the image converted into lines.

On the contrary, if you only want to see a layer in this way, you must press the Ctrl key + the layer you want to see and that’s it, a single layer is converted into an outline but not the entire image

technique 2A
technique 2B

Technique 3 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

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If, on the contrary, you want the entire image to be seen in contour format and only a specific layer is displayed normal, you must press the ALT + Ctrl keys and then select the layer you want to see normal

technique 3

Technique 4 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

Sometimes selecting objects in Adobe Illustrator becomes difficult and more when we handle highly complex illustrations that have many elements, we can have these objects selected in your layers or you select them manually.

However, when you need to work on new objects and you do not want to open more layers, what you can do is to have the object selected, you must save it and then use it by going to the selection menu, when saving selection you can place any name, once this is done you can use it when you need the object, you just go to the selection menu and at the bottom is the list of saved selections.

technique 4A
technique 4B
4C technique

Technique 5 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

When you want to duplicate an object in another layer you can do it only using the layers panel, you must select the object you want to duplicate and then go to a small box that you find on the right side of the layers, this box is colored therefore It is easy to find, once you have identified it you click + the ALT key and drag it to the layer in which you want to duplicate it, press again on the selected object ALT and drag it to the side, it is very easy to do and very useful when duplicating your objects.

5A technique
 technique 5A

Technique 6 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

It does not matter if you have taken the photo of your sketch on a cell phone or you have it in a digital format, it is recommended that you lower the opacity so that you can see the lines better, so you can work in a more comfortable way, it is the most important thing. so you don’t have to strain your eyes so much.

technique 6

Since that is the main and most important tool of your work as a designer, at this point you should also block the layer where you placed your sketch and work on others, this in case an error occurs you will always have a clean starting point.

Technique 7 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

One of the illustrator drawing techniques so that the shapes come out in a more symmetrical way, is that you activate the ruler tool using the Ctrl + R key, where after we draw a straight line in the center of your illustration, this will help you with the time to make paths and improve the way to make symmetrical figures.

You can also duplicate your path, for this you must select it, and deactivate the visibility of your previous layer, do this while continuing to select your path, press the ALT key and take it to the side you want to duplicate it, once this is done you give it right click and you go to the transform-mirror option.

Finally you select the vertical option, in some cases the figure is attached by itself, if that is not your case, drag it until it is perfectly, this will help you a lot in terms of painting techniques for illustrator.

technique 7A
technique 7B
technique 7C
technique 7D
technique  7E
technique 7B

Technique 8 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

If by chance you did your work in a single layer and you need some elements to be in the back of the illustration or on the contrary to be in the front, you must select the object to move, then press right click to go to the option organize, once this is done, the final options will appear to run the selected part to your liking

Technique 9 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

There are times when you need to draw objects that are similar to a certain shape, the normal thing is that you take the pen option and draw it, but what if I told you that there is an easier way to do it? For this you go to the shape tools option where you will find the design of the shape you want, once this you can square its size by double clicking on the points that appear on your shape to adjust it to what you need.

Technique 10 of the 10 Illustrator techniques

When you need to duplicate an object repetitively, such as circles or squares, you don’t have to start drawing them one by one or dragging them, you just have to select the object to duplicate then drag it to the side using the Alt command. Crtl + D button option and it will start duplicating your object as many times as you need it.

With this option you should not calculate the spaces between the shapes one by one either. And if in any case you must duplicate it down, you just select by pressing the Alt option and drag it, or you can also do the same process of Crtl + D. It is very simple and practical when it comes to performing adobe illustrator techniques.

We hope this information has been useful. You may also be interested in reading about digital printing.

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