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Great Circle Label Resources to Print

There are many types of circular labels to print: adhesive, white, colored, personalized for many types of events and needs.

Today you will learn a little more about circular labels to print and we will put at your disposal some label options to download and print.

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Sticky tabloid everything you need to know

Compared to other formats, the sticky tabloid is smaller at just 11 inches wide and 17 inches tall. Since the paper format of a standard newspaper is approximately 60 x 38 cm, the tabloid size is easier to read and transport.

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Opal print

opaline is a material for printing business cards, birthday cards, wedding cards as well as diplomas, brochures, certificates and any other product that requires an elegant and distinguished finish.

It is an easy-to-handle paper widely used for cards, school or office work. In the following article we are going to answer some questions and appropriate uses in printing with this paper.

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The most common printing techniques

Hello again, here we go with another great article very complete on printing techniques that we hope you like.

This is usually common when we decide to advertise patterns, regardless of the support, paper, fabric, hard materials, etc. We do not know the different ways in which the impression can be created.

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Offset printing plates

Hello again, here we go with another great article very complete about printing plates that we hope you like.

Offset printing is a printing technique in which you have an ink covered plate that transfers the image to a rubber blanket, which in turn transfers it to paper or substrate.

What is prepress?

Hello again, here we go with another incredible post well complete about what is prepress and in general, impression that we hope you like.

Prepress, also known as prepress, is a term used in the publishing and printing industry for the process that occurs between the creation of a print design and the final print, with the purpose of ensuring a certain result.

Prepress includes image and text adjustments or the creation of high-quality documents for printing, as well as in-house construction plate making that can be installed out of the box.

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Types of brochures

Hello again, here we go with another great post well complete on printing that we hope you like.

A booklet is a document or graphic print that is characterized by a few pages and the transmission of information clearly and precisely, in addition to the use of many images. In this way, brochures are a means of communication that must conform to a design that catches the reader’s attention. Due to their characteristics or functions, brochures are widely used in advertising campaigns, sales of all kinds, travel agencies, schools and even companies or service providers. In any case, a brochure should never be large or contain a lot of information, otherwise it loses its function.

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