How to Decorate for a Birthday and Surprise Your Child

Organizing a birthday party that leaves your child amazed and with unforgettable memories doesn’t have to be an impossible mission. With a bit of creativity, planning, some practical tips, plus some resources that we will provide in this article, it will be enough to turn that special day into a spectacular celebration.

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Letters to print happy birthday

Many times you are looking for letters to print happy birthday and celebrate a new turn of the sun for your loved ones. If you have been through this situation, you will no longer have any problems finding what you are looking for and celebrating in the best way.

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Creative writing drawings and more

Creative writing drawings and of course writing in general have lost relevance in a world that is increasingly connected through the internet and in which writing and drawing accessories and articles have almost lost strength; However, today we want to tell you why we consider them to be of great importance and we should not let them die.

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What you need to know about a cartoon

Hello again, here we go with an incredible and complete article on illustration to respect the rule in caricature that we hope you like.

Today we are going to give you some brief tips to enrich your character. The mother of small details, since they make them seem more real and more alive.

Ruler in main cartoon

We will start by remembering a little the proportions, when talking about proportion in a cartoon, do not base yourself on the same proportion rule as in the human figure. In the world of cartoons, these rules can be drastically changed. Let’s take photography as a reference.

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What is the proportion in a drawing?

Hello again, here we go with an incredible article on proportion in drawing that we hope you like.

What is proportion in drawing?

One of the most valuable abilities to visualize, analyze, learn and solve problems is the ability to correctly grasp the relationship between one object and another. This relationship, in painting, is called proportion. The proportion in the painting is very important, since it gives the represented object the necessary harmony by properly linking all the elements that compose it.

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Plastic arts for children, great learning tools

Hello again, here we go with another great and complete post about plastic arts for children that we hope you like.

Do you know that children enjoy in quantities with sheets of paper, colored pencils, plasticine or any material that allows them to express themselves through the plastic arts? Without a doubt, if you live with young children, you will have noticed how much they enjoy this type of plastic activities, for which you must provide them with materials to exploit their creativity.

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Isometric drawing, what is it?

Hello again here we go with another spectacular well-completed article on illustration that we hope you like.

What is an isometric drawing

Isometric drawing is a graphic representation of a three-dimensional geometric object reduced to two dimensions through parallel projection based on three axes, so that it maintains its proportions in each of the three directions of space: height, width and length.

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