The 7 best clothing label companies in Medellín

labels for clothes in Medellín

Today we will introduce you to the 7 best clothing label companies in Medellín, because each city in Colombia has places specialized in this type of accessories that are essential for the process of selling their clothing.

If you want to know more about clothing labels, their manufacturing process, printing and other details, we suggest you visit this article.

The textile and clothing sector in Medellín

Colombia moda

Design, clothing and in general fashion are fundamental elements and to which the capital of the mountain bets as part of its economic strategies.

This commitment is so strong that since 2008 there has been a clothing, textile and fashion cluster in the city which is led by the Medellín Chamber of Commerce and includes more than 14,000 companies focused on this type of activity.

And since there is so much supply of services in this economic activity, of course there must also be companies that focus on supplying inputs and implements for their preparation and sale.

This is the case of labels for clothing, which regardless of the type of garment it is, must carry a label to describe essential elements of the garment such as size, the care it must have or the composition of the garment, the place of manufacture and others.

That is why today, we want to tell you about some companies that are dedicated to developing this type of implements and you can make your quotes and work with some of them.

Some companies of labels for clothes Medellín

Marquideas: tags and labels


Marquideas seeks to consolidate itself as a very important company for companies in the textile sector, offering solutions for brand identification through labels, labels and supplies for clothing.

They can offer woven and stamped labels, made of nylon under digital processes, with variable information and texts adaptable to each client, delivery times from 24 hours.

Cell: 318 238 5892
Landline: 604 388 47 35

Megashop: Integral Design

Mega Shop

Megashop is a paisa company that is dedicated to personalizing your clothes and accessories, you can also create and design your shirts online, in which they are quite strong.

Additionally, they are dedicated to the manufacture of personalized labels for Medellín clothes in different sizes and quantities, adjusted to the logo of their brand.

His specialty is sublimation labels since they are fast-produced and come out in full color.

Cell: 315 462 99 24
Landline: 604 511 27 22



Marquimpresos is a country company focused on the design and manufacture of brand supplies, which provide identity and recognition, such as labels and tags on a wide variety of materials.

They can offer woven labels in damask, hd damask, lurex, with variety of cuts and folds. Also labels printed on satin and nylon in the quantities required.

Cell: 313 712 9688 – 310 848 3706
Landline: Not available



Marquillas s.a. offers brand identification solutions so that companies’ products attract attention, in addition to providing the necessary information to project their brand image.

Cellular: Not available
Landline: PBX (4) 448 8801

Marquillas y Accesorios

Marquillas y accesorios

Company dedicated to brand identification solutions through jeans labels, hangtags, iron-on, woven and stamped labels, and many more options.

Cellular: Not available
Landline: PBX 604 4484009

Fashion Labels

Fashion Labels is a company that markets and produces clothing supplies such as tags, hanging labels, woven appliqués, and many more items made with high quality standards.

Cellular: Not available
Landline: PBX (57) (4) 322 31 42

Falcon Publicidad

Falcon Publicidad

This company is located in Bogotá but also offers its services of labels for resistant, durable, soft clothes and with very competitive prices, in addition to a timely delivery service in Medellín and the Aburrá Valley.

They can produce labels from 5,000 units onwards.

They use a variety of techniques and materials to offer different options, some of them are:

  1. Nylon Stamped Labels
  2. Printed in Satin
  3. Polyester Stamped Labels
  4. Woven in Taffeta
  5. Damask Woven Markers

Cell: 312 4599623
Landline: Not available

Now that you know some of the best clothing label companies in Medellín, we invite you to visit them, quote them and be able to carry out your work with some of them.

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