Complete Theory on Simultaneous Color Contrast

contraste simultáneo del color

Have you ever heard of simultaneous color contrast?

The truth is that this is a very interesting human phenomenon and one that is worth knowing

It is for that reason that today we bring you the complete theory on simultaneous color contrast.

What is simultaneous color contrast?

What is simultaneous contrast?

It is a phenomenon in which the human eye has a perception of color that may depend to a certain extent on the colors that surround that first color.

human eye

Simply put, when you have a color surrounded by other colors, the human eye often sees opposing characteristics of the second color in the first color, for example hue, brightness, or color strength.

What does this mean or what does the simultaneous contrast ultimately mean? That for our eyes the colors are directly affected by those other colors that surround them, so for colors that are identical we can see them different by taking the brightness or saturation of other colors close to it.

For example, a color that is surrounded by another dark, saturated color will appear much brighter and cleaner than that same color.

This phenomenon is very, very interesting and by playing with these types of effects and characteristics of our eyes, it is possible to draw and create the well-known optical illusions.

A little history about simultaneous color contrast


The French chemist Michel-Chevreul is the one who would write for the first time (and would even write a book on this called “the law of simultaneous contrast of colors”) about the simultaneous contrast of color and the effect this can have.

Even many of the achievements of modern art and today are due to these studies and discoveries made by a great French chemist.

One of the keys to the theory is that no color should be classified as absolute when we look at its characteristics as it is surrounded by other colors and is that, as you already know, the simultaneous contrast of the color affects the way in which we look at the characteristics of that colour.

How can knowing about the simultaneous contrast of color help us?

It may seem irrelevant, but the truth is that simultaneous hiring is very important and this is because depending on what colors surround the color of your designs, web pages, prints or much more, they can achieve good or bad results.

contrast color

If a good contrast is achieved, the results will be very good and you will see how your design will have higher brightness, longer life and it will look much better.

However, if the colors do not complement each other well it is possible that the designs look quite bad, opaque, dull and even confuse those who are looking at what they have designed.

Let us remember that nowadays the choice of colors is not only for those who draw, for those who paint, make sculptures and much more.

Nowadays, color theory is important and taking all these things into account for marketing, to sell products, for websites and even for the way we dress.

It is for this reason that knowing the concept and the following studies on simultaneous contrast will not be advantageous only for those who are graphic artists, it is also good even for designers, website creators and people who are starting out in a subject that is very pretty, but it needs a lot of study like color theory.

What is color harmony and why is it related to simultaneous contrast?

Taking into account the characteristics of the human eye and already knowing a lot about simultaneous chromatic contrast, we can start to learn a little about some important things that take this concept as a basis, for example, color harmony.

color palette

What is color harmony about? It is a fairly simple, but very powerful concept that tells us that the closer one color is to another on the color wheel, the better the result and the effect that we can find when painting or designing. For example, this can happen a lot when combining colors like blue or green (which are very close on the color wheel).

There is also a theory called contrast harmony that is basically the same thing, that is, the combination of colors that are close together on the color wheel can enhance our designs. But, in this case, the difference is that it will also improve the contrast of the design and it will clearly look much richer.

The great artists of history take advantage of these theories to paint works of art

Great artists throughout history have long studied color theory and everything that has to do with it (things like simultaneous contrast, color harmony, and much, much more).


This effect is clearly seen in his paintings and in his harmonious, bright and very beautiful designs in which they perfectly complement the colors used.

Today it is much easier to access important information than it was a few years ago.

Our recommendation is that you look at a little more different concepts, laws and characteristics about colors so that you can learn to be a little better in your designs and get the most out of each of the colors used and that, finally, what you are creating. be as beautiful, bright and radiant as possible.

Do not miss the opportunity to learn something new, to improve your knowledge and above all to understand that design, art and much more also have many concepts and laws that make things look much better and how recipients expect to see them. end.

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