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Many times we have heard about printers, but are we really clear about what a printing company does, some of its history and importance and what we must take into account to choose a good online printing company?

In this article we will answer these and other concerns about the printing press so that you have enough information when choosing one.

What is the printing press? and a brief history of her

Generally speaking, a printing press is a machine by means of which text and images are transferred to paper or other substrate using ink.

Answering the question about the printing press that is, we now refer to its history, which dates back to approximately the year 1439, considered the year the printing press was invented.

wooden blocks for manual printing

The German Johannes Gutenberg and his associates built the first printing press, using metal blocks with the letters and putting them inside a machine, so that he could speed up the printing process and do it en masse.

So we could say that the inventor of the printing press was Johannes Gutenberg inspired by other forms of manual printing, thus he built his printing machine.

The invention of the printing press has been one of the most revolutionary things in history since it allowed society in general to have access to information

Before the information was reserved for a few, especially for monasteries and high society with writings mostly of a religious nature.

What is the function of a printing press?

Through the printing press we can have in our hands newspapers, magazines, books, and today, a large amount of advertising information such as flyers, brochures, business cards and more.

For this reason, we can tell about the printing press what its function is, which is to provide us with information in a physical way to promote products and services, using ink on paper, cloth, plastic and other materials.

Types of printers

Starting with the first printing machines, it has evolved and improved, and today there are several types of specialized printers for certain needs.

Here we will mention some of the most popular:



He is immersed in Gutenberg’s initial concept of using the movable letter or blocks, putting the ink and pressing the paper.

The typography is manual, it requires a person, it is more expensive and inefficient, however the result is beautiful because it is handmade, that is, more handmade.

Offset printing


Offset printing enables mass printing of newspapers, magazines, books and other materials, efficiently and cost-effectively, using a computer, plates, cylinders and ink.

If you want to know more information about this printing process, we recommend you read the article on what is offset printing.

Digital printing

Digital printing allows low-volume printing to be affordable in terms of costs, that is, when not large quantities are required but a few units.

Digital printing does not use plates but rather advanced inkjet or laser technology to transfer ink to paper.

If you want to know more information about this printing process, we recommend you read the article on digital printing

Aspects to take into account when choosing a good online printing company

When we know little about the printing press and we need to hire the services of one, we must take into account the following recommendations to avoid surprises.

Make sure the printer offers everything you need

It is possible that all your requirements can be accommodated in a single printer that offers a variety of services.

However, you should also know that some printers have a level of specialization in some products and services and depending on some particular needs it may be better to choose one of these.

Verify the quality of the work offered by the online printing company


This is critical as your business brand is at stake when you hire poor quality printing services.

You should first find out about the job offered by consulting their portfolio on their website and visiting them if possible to learn about the job offered directly.

You can also search the internet and social networks for people’s comments regarding said printing and the rating they have given their services, this will help you have an idea of the quality of the work offered.

Level of customer service and communication

customer service

This is a very important aspect that if you will realize if the printing company listens carefully to your requests, offers efficient communication channels, advises you before making decisions, informs you of changes in the requested printing processes, etc.

Being in constant communication with the printing staff will make you aware of your requests and the result of them.

Make sure they are reliable

Deliveries of the products requested by you should be made on time, without delays so that you can execute your business strategies.

Therefore, you should look for a reliable and efficient company that has defined delivery times that allow you to meet your needs.

Find out about the reputation of the printing company


Locate a printing company that has been in the market for several years, that knows the printing business to offer you better services, and that is also recognized in the environment and recommended by others.

Taking the time to do a good search, which meets the above characteristics, may be a more guarantee of the quality of the work, the timeliness of deliveries and good customer service.

Prices offered by the online printer

And finally, be careful when choosing a cheap or low-cost printing company that offers services far below its competitors, as their services may be of poor quality.

You need to balance quality and price so that you get good results without hurting your budget.

We hope this article has clarified many of the concerns related to the printing press and you have the necessary elements to review when you need to hire the services of one of them.

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