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Spectacular drawings to print and color totally free

We are sure that at some point in your life you have needed to have on hand a book of pictures to print and color to entertain your children, nephews, grandchildren, siblings, neighbors, students, and even in moments of boredom you would have wanted to have one.

Today we bring you an article full of links to print drawings to paint and the best, print free coloring drawings and you can use these resources when you need them, print them and voila, you just add the colors so that the little ones can do their magic!

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Everything you need to know about grayscale

Grayscale is part of some of the most important concepts in color theory, it is widely known for its great applications in design and printers today.

The shade of gray is also known as the achromatic scale, which represents those colors that have no color.

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Offset printing technology and finishes

The changes and advances in technology in offset printing and finishing are very great.

The techniques, methods and ways of doing some design and printing processes have become faster processes with better results.

That is why today we will tell you everything you need to know about technology and methods to make the best impressions of the moment.

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Top 6 4 color offset printing machines

We have already known about offset printing and even about uv offset printing. Now we will comment on some of the best 4 color offset printing machines that you can find on the market.

We bring a list where we will mention 6 of the best 4 color offset printing machines according to different criteria.

It is important to mention that you can also find other machines and that even within our list we do not add a 1 color offset printer, but they are also widely used in the market.

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What is uv offset printing? What inks do you use? Complete information

Today we will learn a little more about offset printing and one of the most important versions of it today: uv offset printing.

Offset printing has been a part of the printing world for many years.

Its invention occurred between 1875 with a first version that printed on tin and 1903 with the version that made prints on paper.

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How does a barcode printer work?

Today we will answer several questions to learn a little more about how the barcode printer works.

Bar code printers are widely used today for printing personalized labels in different market sectors.

But have you ever wondered: How do these printers work and how do they get the information printed on the labels? today you will learn.

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Best uv printers for your designs on any surface

Today we bring you the best uv printers that you can find in the market to personalize your articles, whether they are advertising and / or as gifts.

A great revolution in printing with which you can print almost on any substrate!

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What should you know about making clothing labels?

The manufacture of labels for clothing is a very important process in the production of textiles and the labels must reflect many of the relevant things of each garment that is produced so that it can meet all the requirements and go on the market without any type of problem.

Today we will tell you many of the characteristics, curiosities and much more about the design of labels for clothing and their subsequent printing, that is, we will tell you about the process of making these important elements in a garment.

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Banner printing for advertising

The banners for advertising are a great marketing tool to spread messages related to any product, service or business that you want to promote, they also offer the possibility of making them attractive and attractive to the public and that they generate a great impact on the audience, when the The design of the banners is appropriate and when they are well placed.

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What is a daguerreotype and how does it work?

Today we will know what a daguerreotype is and everything related to it, a device that started photography as we know it today.

For all of us who know and love photography, it is important to know the history that has led us to have the possibility of even taking pictures from our mobile phones and how it all started.

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