Banner printing for advertising

banners for advertising

The banners for advertising are a great marketing tool to spread messages related to any product, service or business that you want to promote, they also offer the possibility of making them attractive and attractive to the public and that they generate a great impact on the audience, when the The design of the banners is appropriate and when they are well placed.

Normally the printing of banners for advertising is done in large format so that they are visible and fulfill their objective. They can be built in a variety of materials, with varying degrees of thickness, flexibility, and durability.

Examples of banners for advertising

Advertising banners, because of their versatility and price, can be found almost anywhere, they are excellent for spreading a message, usually promotional or of any kind, to passers-by or to people attending a particular event or any place. Banners for advertising can be placed in shopping centers, commercial premises, on the street, on murals, on busy roads, at trade fairs, as corporate banners in companies, among others; and they must be strategically located where their target audience frequents in order to increase sales and / or publicize a product or service.

Types of banners for advertising

In the market there is a wide variety of models of banners or types of advertising banners, below, we will describe the best known and used:

1. Folding and retractable banners or roll-up banners

 roll-up banners
professional roll up stand banner template design

Roll-up banners are double-sided printed and offer an eye-catching solution for events, trade shows and signage. They are generally around six feet tall with widths that vary depending on individual specifications and needs. They are easy to transport and display since their retractable system allows installation almost immediately, in addition, they are cheaper than other alternatives.

The disadvantage of this type of printed banner is that the width has a limit, so if your need is a very large notice, you should look for a different printing option.

2. Vinyl banners

vinyl banners

Vinyl banners are an excellent resource due to the durability of their material, which is why they are the most used; they can be used indoors and outdoors, and are resistant to tears.

Vinyl banners are typically heavier than their fabric counterparts, and can wrinkle if improperly stored or stepped on.

3. Parade or mesh banners


In some cases, the vinyl material may not fit your advertising strategy, so you should look for other options such as parades, since the material in which it is built is more permeable, allowing the wind not to raise the banner like a sail. or a wing. This type of advertising element is designed to face strong winds and inclement weather outside, as well as fulfilling the main objective of the brand or advertising.

4. Suspended or hanging banners

hanging banners

Using cables and rods, creative banners can be displayed hanging above crowds for maximum visibility and promotional impact. Although its installation may be a bit more complex, the potential benefit is well worth it.

5. Cloth banners

Cloth banners

Cloth banners, which are typically made of polyester, allow the printing of full-color graphics that will wow audiences. They are machine washable and wrinkle resistant. Fabric banners are the right solution when you need a high quality banner with little or no setup time.

However, it is more often a solution for indoors as its colors and brightness can be affected outdoors.

6. Banners for booths and pop-up screens

cabinas exposición

They are often made of cloth and are used to spread over the entire background of an exhibition.

Due to their more resistant support and their dimensional nature, pop-up screens can be extended much more than other types of banners. Its installation is a bit more complex, however, a few minutes should be more than enough for installation and disassembly.

7. Banners of passage and repetition

step and repeat

Pass and repeat banners are intended to cover funds for example during an exhibition, conference, film events, etc., while marketing your company name and logo. Repeating your logo on your fabric allows them to glide on stage, while promoting awareness of your business through photography and video.

All the varieties of banners described above can have different finishes with a variety of supports, some in aluminum, with plastic or metal tubes, with a tripod, in addition to being able to choose the structures, ties and eyelets to your taste and budget.

What is the price of a banner?

The prices of the banners may vary depending on different variables such as the type of banner, the size, the quality of the materials, the inks used, the structure where it will be displayed, the type of design and the quantity.

Approximately you can find banners in the market in ranges that go from 6 dollars to almost 300 dollars, but as we explained previously, it will depend on your needs.

Do you have a banner printing project in mind?

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  1. One of the important thing while using a banner is the place where the banner is to be hung. As the location matters a lot. It should be placed in such a location so that it could easily grab the attention of the people and in a place where maximum number of people present. So, without making huge effort, it would be noticed by maximum number of people

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