Offset printing technology and finishes

impresión offset y acabados

The changes and advances in technology in offset printing and finishing are very great.

The techniques, methods and ways of doing some design and printing processes have become faster processes with better results.

That is why today we will tell you everything you need to know about technology and methods to make the best impressions of the moment.

What is offset printing and finishing?

offset technology

Before answering it is important to refresh the two concepts separately: offset printing and finishes.

And thus better understand what they refer to in design and printing when they refer to and talk about offset printing and finishes.

What is offset printing?

Offset printing is simply one of the best known forms of printing.

Generally speaking, the printing process is quite similar to lithography, but with some specific changes. The most important being that the ink is transferred from the plate to a cylinder and from the cylinder finally to the paper.

We invite you to visit a complete post on our website with everything you need to know about this way of printing.

What is a finish?


In the world of printing, finishing consists of following different methodologies to complete a print.

There are many types of finishes that can be done in printing and each one will give a different touch to what we want to print.

Now that we know the two concepts separately, it will be easier to answer the question:

What is offset printing and finishing? It is simply a practice or way of printing, where printing completion techniques are of great importance.

This in order to achieve much better results than would be expected if these finishing techniques were not carried out.

For example, one of the most recognized types of offset finishes is offset varnishing.

Which consists of adding a small layer of this material to the printed image to protect it against wear.

The advantage of new offset printing and finishing technologies and techniques is that they allow much higher quality prints (print texture, brightness, contrast, and more can be improved).

Offset printing and finishing techniques are quite complex and are seen by many as true art.

For that reason, there are even specialized careers to improve knowledge about these methodologies (superior technology in offset printing and finishes).

What is superior technology in offset printing and finishing?

Due to the importance of offset printing and finishing technologies, there are specialized courses to teach techniques and ways of carrying out these processes.

The duration of the courses or careers varies, but, for example, in some of the large universities in Latin America these careers can last up to 5 or more semesters.

specialized in offset
Printer working at his modern offset machine

The question remains: What is superior technology in offset printing and finishing? Don’t worry, we’ll answer that question:

It is a career (or courses depending on the university) whose main objective is to teach or learn technological tools and knowledge necessary to be part of the job market related to printing and to be able to handle printing technologies that have appeared on the market ago. very little time.

The profile of a Senior Technician in offset printing technology and finishing consists of an expert in everything related to these printing methods, a professional who has the ability to make planning and, finally, execute offset printing processes.

The senior technician will also have knowledge to handle the security of the printing process, will know topics related to the care of the environment and much more.

Today there are not many specialists in this area, that is why they are in such demand in the Graphic Industry market.

Let us remember that offset printing is one of the most widely used worldwide and that with technological advances, new machines and much more, it is highly necessary to have professionals who can handle these processes without problem.

Clearly this is a huge advantage for those who love (or have a lot of interest) in the whole branch of design and everything related to printing and graphics.

A very nice way to complete your resume and keep adding knowledge that, sooner or later, will be very helpful.

Offset printing has a lot of future

A few years ago digital printing had equaled offset printing in terms of quality, print speed and many other things.


With new technological advances, the creation of new machinery and the appearance of such important things as UV inks, offset printing is once again of great importance in the sector and possibly once again taking over all printers.

As you may have noticed, we must learn much more about offset printing and finishing technologies and better understand how to carry out processes that are not so complex, but that must be followed to the letter if we want to obtain the best results.

What do you think about the future of printing?

Do you think that the future is in offset printing and its new technologies or do you think that digital printing can continue to grow and take on greater importance in the sector?

What type of printing would you choose today for your company, business or startup?

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