What should you know about making clothing labels?

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The manufacture of labels for clothing is a very important process in the production of textiles and the labels must reflect many of the relevant things of each garment that is produced so that it can meet all the requirements and go on the market without any type of problem.

Today we will tell you many of the characteristics, curiosities and much more about the design of labels for clothing and their subsequent printing, that is, we will tell you about the process of making these important elements in a garment.

Knowing everything about making clothing labels

What is a clothing tag?

clothing labels

A label for clothes can also be known as a label for clothes, these elements have as main objective to remind whoever buys the garment some important things about it, such as, for example, recommendations for washing, the brand of who sells the product and many other things.

The labels are ideal for much more than just clothing items (shoes, pants, shirts, flannels, jackets, among others), it is also recommended to use them on towels, suitcases, bed linen, household linen and much more.

What is advisable to wear a clothing tag?

This point is very important since they will know those requirements that a label should have so that a garment can go on the market without any problems:

The name of the company that produces the garment.

What are the materials used in the production (a fairly common example is those garments that thanks to the label we can know if they are truly 100% cotton or only have a percentage of cotton).

The size of the garment (another important information when buying).

clothing label

How to care for and maintain the product for a longer time? It is clearly an important point since not all products can be washed in the washing machine or enter the dryer, for example.

The country of origin that produced the product or garment.

Another very relevant thing that we must mention about printing clothing labels is that this process must be very well cared for and as producers we should ensure that the labels have a duration that exceeds at least the first 15 washes.

This means that the ink must be of high quality, the printing process good and the material used have enough resistance.

Finally, we must take into account the measurements of labels for clothing and we should not make very large labels because they can annoy those who use them (even in many cases they cut them so that they do not itch and bother the skin). Thus, the currently recommended measurements should not exceed a size of 9cm x 6cm.

What machines are used for the printing of labels?

Today there may be different processes for the printing of labels on the market, some of the most common being the following: production by hand, digital printing, stamping, among others.

Let’s know a little about each process of printing or creating labels for underwear, garments and other products.


It is clearly the least recommended process because of how expensive it can be to have a person knit the tags by hand and the slowness of this process. The interesting thing about this method is that you personalize the garments much more, therefore, it is only usually used in small productions, but with quality products.


There are many label printers for clothing, but some of the most recommended are those that have adapted the technology to get more out of the process.


Another fairly common process is microinjection, for which a machine is used to make clothing labels that allows designs in even two dimensions to be created.


Textile printing is clearly one of the most widely used clothing label creation processes today due to its ease and the variety of options it gives producers.

Is it very expensive to print clothing labels?

Where to buy labels for clothes

As you can see, there are different processes for printing labels for clothing (even more processes than the 4 previously discussed), that clearly means that we cannot speak of an average budget for the creation of these important elements.

Also the cost of the production of the labels will depend on what we are looking for, that is, if we want full color labels, their cost may be higher than that of labels that only have some colors or that even only go in black and white.

But, in general, the cost of production of the labels is not very high and can easily be adjusted to the budget that as a company or business may have. You should be aware that not putting labels on clothing or products can lead to you losing customers, having problems with your buyers, and much more.

Can clothing tags be customized?

shirt with clothing label

Of course you can find custom labels for clothing! It all depends on the place and the type of printing they select for these products.

Even the experts recommend that we do not use standard labels and if we have already completely personalized the garment or the product, it is best to show our style also on the labels.

It is for this reason that the question should not be where do they make labels for clothes? What they should be asking themselves is where can I customize my tags? In order to give that special touch to everything we produce.

Printing labels for clothing in general is not a complicated process and it should not have such a high price, therefore, the personalization of the labels or tags should not increase the price of production much and if it will increase the recognition of the brand a lot.

Taking all the details of production into account today is very important, that is why we have given you all the tools so that you can learn about labels and so that you include these elements in your production process and continue to achieve everything you have achieved. to this day and much more.

We invite you to read this complementary article about labels for clothes and this one so that you can learn how to create your own labels for clothes in a handmade way.

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