Everything you need to know about grayscale


Grayscale is part of some of the most important concepts in color theory, it is widely known for its great applications in design and printers today.

The shade of gray is also known as the achromatic scale, which represents those colors that have no color.

What is grayscale?

It is simply a system in which we can see different shades ranging from black to white while changing the brightness of both colors.

It is simply a system in which we can see different shades ranging from black to white while changing the brightness of both colors.

This concept is quite similar to what we can find in the theory of color or color scale (you may also be interested in knowing the simultaneous contrast of color, the theory of cyan or khaki color).

On the other hand, we can also know this concept in computing in which different values are simply added to the pixels that represent some shade of gray.

black and white photography

To give you a better understanding of this concept, let’s think about the simplest grayscale of all: one that only has 3 colors, black, the purest gray, and white.

Now, if we want to add more colors, we would simply change the luminosity of the ones we already have, increasing or reducing the luminosity we will find some darker grays and others lighter.

Another important thing to mention is that grayscale drawings can be really beautiful as long as we know how to use it well and take advantage of the different shades that we have at our fingertips.

Some of the best photos and images today are taken and published on this scale.

Have you ever seen a black and white comic or manga? Do you realize the things that can only be achieved with gray? It is impressive what those images can convey.

Knowing the grayscale in drawing is extremely important and can help you become better artists.

How to use the achromatic scale in different important programs?

black and white photography

Using this concept in design and in computing can be quite important for the creation of images, prints and many other things, therefore, below we will tell you how you can use the scale in different programs such as photoshop, adobe illustrator, among others. .

In illustrator

After our previous explanation, we will proceed to explain how to use grayscale in Illustrator and the process is quite simple and does not give many problems.

  1. Step 1. Select the object or image you want to convert to grayscale

    Clearly the first thing we must do is select the objects, parts of the image or the entire image that we want to convert to grayscale.

  2. Step 2. Convert to grayscale

    As we said before, the process is very simple and after selecting what we want to convert to grayscale, we simply have to go to the “edit” option, click on edit colors and choose grayscale.

  3. Step 3. A tip that can be very helpful

    We will already have our image (or part of the image) in grayscale! Now we want to advise you to take advantage of the illustrator tools and to better adjust the shades of gray, to do this go back to “editing”, then to edit colors and select the option “adjust colors to convert objects to grayscale” that way your image it will look a little better.

In photoshop

Let’s learn now how to use grayscale in photoshop, the procedure is just as simple and in a few steps you can achieve what you want.

grayscale in photoshop

As you can see in just 3 simple steps you will have changed your image to the achromatic scale, a simple process that can help you a lot.

What is the shade of gray in printers?

You have surely seen the different options that we can select when we want to print a document or an image: color, black and white and grayscale.

black and white photography

Many of us make the mistake of not knowing how a printer works and that is why we do not select the option that really suits us (and then we complain that the printer’s ink runs out very quickly).

Did you know that when we choose to print in shades of gray the printer takes several colors to make a better quality print? It is for this reason that if you want to print a document or image in low quality and with little use of ink, it is best to select only black and white.

On the other hand, if they want a document in black and white but in very good quality, it is advisable to select the shade of gray, but, again, they should know that they will be wasting more ink than expected.

Now that you know the answer to the question What is grayscale in printers? They will be able to save much more ink and have better quality prints without as much hassle.

You already know the most relevant details of the grayscale! Now they can use them for their designs, their impressions and in their day to day knowing the most important details and characteristics of the achromatic scale.

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