What is French sangria?

sangría francesa

Today we will learn much more about French indentation, one of the most used types of indentation and which is very important for the recognized APA standards.

It is important to know the different types of indentation so that the texts we write look much more professional and their design adapts perfectly to the place where we plan to publish them.

What is French sangria?

As we mentioned earlier, this type of indentation is simply a type of indentation that is widely used in different types of text and forms of writing.

This type of indentation is also often known by another name: second line indentation and this is due to the way in which this type of indentation should be applied or used.

How to apply French indentation?

To apply the French indentation in apa, the first line must be left in its normal margin and then, all the following lines of the paragraph must be indented, this means that only the first line will look different from the rest.

The main objective of this type of indentation is to be able to quickly differentiate between the different paragraphs that a text may have, in this way, some lists that have too much information and that are often difficult to get around quickly (for example dictionaries ).

Learning to apply French indentation in different programs and tools

So that you can use this type of indentation without problem and with greater ease, we bring you the ways to apply this indentation in different types of programs used for writing.e

Apply French indentation in Word

Word is one of the most used programs for writing and writing in the world, for that reason, it is the first program that we will consider in our list.

To apply French indentation in Word you must follow the following steps:

  1. Step 1. Selection of the paragraph to modify.

    The first thing we must do is simply select the paragraph to which we must indent. This step is quite simple, therefore, it does not need further explanation.

  2. Step 2. Choose the tool to place the indent.

    The next step for Word French indentation is to find the tool that will allow us to do this type of indentation.

    To do this, they must go to start, select the option “paragraph”, then choose “indentation and space” and finally the options indentation, special and the desired type of indentation.

  3. Step 3. Make a decision regarding indentation.

    After choosing the French indentation, you will be able to see how you can make a decision regarding the space to leave between the margin and the text (it is best to leave the space determined by Word).

French indent in InDesign

Do you want to learn how to apply French indentation InDesing? It is very simple!

But the procedure is totally different from that of Word, therefore, it is important that they know it and know how to do it without problems. Just follow the steps below to add your special indentation:

Apply French indentation in libreoffice

Do you use libreoffice and need to apply a French indentation for your references or your texts? Do not worry, the truth is this process is quite simple and can be achieved in the following way:

  1. Step 1. Move the indentation all the way to the right. Your first step should be to move all the indentation to the right as you see fit. To do this, they simply have to move the triangle that appears in the upper line (the one that marks the margin and the indentation).
  2. Step 2. Return the indentation of the first line. As the second and last step, we can only bring the indentation of the first line of the text back to its initial measure (first margin). That way, we will have the paragraph or text completely modified and with the libreoffice French indentation applied without problems.

What other uses can this indentation have?

Did you know that within the APA standards recommended for scientific work, it is advisable to use French indentation for references?

It is for this reason that one of the most recognized uses worldwide of this type of bleeding is precisely the use in references (of scientific works and other types of works).

How long is this type of sangria?

Many often ask us how much the French indentation measures and the truth is that they do not have any difference with the indentation that we normally use in texts in terms of measurement. What does this mean? That the recommended indentation is still 1.5 cm as we usually do in any text.

Let us remember that what differentiates French indentation is not its measurement, it is the way it is applied (the first line remains intact and it is the next lines of the paragraph that must carry the standard measurement indentation).

In short, it is not necessary for you to suffer much when thinking about what measure to use to apply the French indentation, do not complicate your life, take advantage of the tools and the step by step that we have given you previously and you can easily use a type of indentation that is quite common in different types of texts nowadays.

Using the appropriate tools, the spacing recommended by the APA standards and much more, is not complicated at all, we simply must have the knowledge of the concepts and the ways to use such tools. In short, take advantage of our tips, recommendations and tutorials to become experts in design, flexography, lithography and much, much more.

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