What is the khaki color? Uses and combinations

colour khaki

Do you know what the color is khaki?

How many times have you heard about this color, but you don’t know what it means, its history, its uses and the possible combinations that can be obtained from this color?

Do not worry because today they will know everything they need to know about the color khaki, its uses, combinations, a little history and much more.

Where does the word khaki come from?

This word comes from three other words: a word from English, another from Hindi, and another from pelvi.

military uniform

The name of this color is given by citizens of Great Britain and was thus called the color of the uniforms used by troops from different countries (Pakistan and India, for example).

Is khaki a single color?

In the same way, it is important that they understand that khaki (khaki) is not a single color, they are really different shades that receive a name.

shades of khaki

What is surprising is that the color that the British first called khaki had a much lighter hue and was closer to orange than green.

In short, we must know that this color can have a great variety of uses due to its enormous number of different shades.

What are some of the most common uses for the color khaki?


Military uniforms

Due to its greenish appearance, this tone has been widely used for the design of military uniforms around the world.

It is also very common to see different types of tones in these uniforms to better adapt to the colors of nature, therefore, we will see this light tone and also some much darker tones.

Interior design

Is this shade widely used in interior design?

The truth is that it is not one of the colors most used by interior designers.

Despite this, you will be able to find those visionaries and risky people who decide to give their spaces greater tranquility and paint their walls with this quite beautiful tone that easily adapts to different styles.

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Clothing and apparel design

Believe it or not, society has accepted quite well those clothing designs that use khaki.

It is quite common to see people who are part of society and decide to buy clothes with military or camouflage style to wear them daily.

We could even say that it is one of the most common uses of this color that was originally used in military uses.

How can this neutral color be combined?

Believe it or not, khaki is very, very easy to combine because it adapts perfectly to the presence of many other colors.

Of course, we have to be aware that depending on the tonality of the color, it will adapt better to some or other colors.

For example, dark khaki may be easier to blend because of its opacity.

shades of khaki

Among some of the colors that have been most related and combined with khaki throughout history, we could mention the following: brown, gray, beige, black or blue (in darker tones).

This is how the colors that are combined with khaki are more in dark tones and that is why they must be very careful when trying to combine this color with light tones (it is not a winning combination or one that looks very good).

Khaki is often confused with beige, that is why many people often wonder whether to choose khaki or beige for their garments.

The truth is that again, returning to the issue of shades, everything will depend on the design and variety of khaki selected.

Many of you may have khaki in your wardrobe and think it really is beige.

It is for that reason that we tell you that it is difficult to know the difference between khaki and beige many times and that you can use the same combinations as for this color (white also looks pretty good with light khaki).

Is khaki a creative shade?

Surely by reading what we have previously to tell you, you may have realized that the answer to the question: is khaki a creative color?

Clearly it is not, this is simply because the color is quite off and does not give a greater sense of creativity or joy.

In the same way, it is usually quite considered as a color with power or strength and that has a very interesting association with the natural theme (that is why it is widely used to camouflage itself in nature).

Despite all this that we discussed previously, khaki is a fairly neutral color and selecting one of its best shades can bring a lot of peace and organization to the space where it is located.

This is one of the reasons why some not so creative entrepreneurs decide to paint their offices in this color.

Is the color khaki related to the fruit that bears that name?

Absolutely not, there is no relationship with the fruit called with the same name.

Despite this, one of the lesser known and more surprising shades of this color is the “khaki orange” which does have a lot to do with the fruit (it is quite similar to the color of the fruit when it is in its maturity stage).

persimmon fruit

Let us remember that the name of this color does not come from the fruit and that its meaning has a much deeper history and that it is related to military use and its uniforms.

Now that you know much more about the color khaki: a bit of its history, its variety of shades, with which it combines the color khaki, its different uses in society, you can start to look at this color with a little more knowledge and Give a nice color a try and it can be adapted to different needs you may have.

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