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regla caricatura

Hello again, here we go with an incredible and complete article on illustration to respect the rule in caricature that we hope you like.

Today we are going to give you some brief tips to enrich your character. The mother of small details, since they make them seem more real and more alive.

Ruler in main cartoon

We will start by remembering a little the proportions, when talking about proportion in a cartoon, do not base yourself on the same proportion rule as in the human figure. In the world of cartoons, these rules can be drastically changed. Let’s take photography as a reference.

cartoon ruler

The essence of caricature is knowing how to distinguish between the basic elements in the illustration and between exaggerated ones. Notice how we can distinguish between these components. You can start by drawing a variety of painted bodies in the same way you did the faces, that is, combination with loose strokes and geometric shapes of different sizes.

Now select one of the bodies you drew (Or if that is the case, just reference the image of the executive that we present to you), trace it on a sheet of paper, refine its strokes and add some details (Clothes, hair, etc.). modify it as many times as necessary until the character you get is to your liking.

cartoon ruler

Next, trace its “skeleton” and use it as a base to be able to draw it. Different angles and different poses. To study the expressiveness of your characters and make them more playful, you need to exaggerate their movements and their reactions under certain circumstances.

If you have read this far, you will surely like the illustration, so we also recommend that you take a look at our article, the proportion in the drawing, which you will also surely like.

Another rule to keep in mind

After the face, the hands are the most expressive part and make a striking caricature, so like pantomimes, so that their movements attract more attention, some classic resources are used such as white gloves, that the hands only have four fingers in cartoons. This gives us the ability to expand them further without making them too big so we can achieve better expression. It is also very useful to visualize the fingers as if they were made of rubber, it causes a very pleasant elasticity effect.

Finally, we will recommend a great tool known as representation symbols, these are very necessary resources to strengthen the desired effect in a cartoon. Drawings and lines that through association connect them to the elements of the real world; They create an iconography that is recognizable by most viewers.

cartoon ruler

Other symbols of representation are lines and kinetic (moving) figures, both ways of representing movement. In the kinetic figure, the same element is drawn at different stages of its movement.

Well, I hope that with the help of these tips you will be able to unleash your creativity and put on paper all the comics you can imagine. Remember, nothing is perfect without practice, so don’t despair if you don’t get the desired results at first.

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