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What is register varnish?

barniz a registro

As a differentiating detail of printing, one of the most popular finishes is register varnish (also known as selective varnish or reserve varnish).

Registration varnish is a glossy clear coat that should only be applied to the areas you want to highlight using a printing system called screen printing.

This varnish makes the lower content stand out from the rest of the print, making colors appear brighter and have a raised texture. Thus, an elegant and attractive finish is obtained that enriches the touch and the sight.

This process can be done on any print, whether on paper or plastic (Bopp), and in any area of ​​your design.

In general, this type of printing is recommended on a matte surface to contrast and accentuate the graphics to be drawn.

Equipment: Simplex S. Measurement capacity. Maximum 100×100. Minimum 30×30 The speed of this process varies depending on the work area!

Types of uv varnish to register

Matte: Shades the selected elements.

Brillante: ilumina solo los elementos seleccionados.

Bright : Illuminates only the selected items.

Textured Matte: Matte selected elements, giving a rough texture.

Contrast: Provides a tough, semi-gloss appearance in selected areas.

Glossy Highlight: Leaves a thicker layer of high-gloss varnish, creating a highlight-like effect.

Scratch Off: Hides selected print areas that can be discovered by scratching or scratching.

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In this illustrative video you can clearly see how the register varnish is applied in a truly spectacular design.

Cards with register varnish

Register varnish can be used not only for card printing, it can also be useful for diaries, catalogues, book covers, etc. Its most popular use is in business cards and that is why here we leave a beautiful repertoire of design ideas with which we can apply varnish to registration, personally in our projects we apply it mainly to the dark backgrounds of the cards, we hope you like them.

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