What are translucent vinyls for?

vinilos translucidos

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Translucent vinyls

Clear vinyls are being used more and more for decoration and are very effective for business communication.

Transparent vinyl offers many options when it comes to our commercial communications, but they are also excellent allies to redesign any space.

One of the main advantages of this type of vinyl is that while they are decorating, they continue to let light through.

They are very easy to place; Of course, you must follow the manufacturer’s instructions when placing it on the surface to which it is glued, as there are a number of issues that we must take into account in order to repair it correctly.


Translucent vinyls are commonly used for:

  • Window decoration, indoor and outdoor signs, promotional signs, vehicle ads.
  • Self adhesive vinyl can be used as glass graphics, car body graphics.
  • Shop window decoration, interior and exterior signs, promotional advertisements, vehicle advertisements.
  • Booth decoration
  • Display (indoor and outdoor), durable outdoor pvc banner

On a commercial level, transparent vinyl is used in backlit signs and shop windows for medium to long-term advertising campaigns, since printed in high quality they are impressive and very resistant to weather conditions and sun exposure.

But lately it is in interior design where transparent vinyl has acquired more prominence. It is increasingly common to find it decorating shower screens, laundry room doors, mirrors, windows such as curtains, etc.

Other types of printed translucent vinyls

Micro-perforated vinyl

Micro-perforated vinyl is very suitable for shop windows, shop windows. The characteristic of this vinyl is that the selected printed material can be seen from the outside and the outside from the inside.

Transparent vinyl

Clear vinyl or monomeric vinyl are very suitable for flat surfaces. This type of vinyl is often seen in shops and shop windows because they are very suitable for placing inside and outside the glass (mirror effect).

Clear vinyl allows you to print any design without die cutting the vinyl, which will greatly increase the cost.

Design the motif you want, playful, elegant, sophisticated according to the style you want to give to your decoration. Print it in high resolution and apply it on the surface that you are going to redecorate. You will get a completely personal and exclusive style.

If you want to know more information about decoration, we recommend you read this article about adhesive paper.

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