Top 10 clothing label companies in Bogotá

marquillas para ropa en Bogotá

Now that you know everything about labels for clothes and also that we have given you some of the best designs for labels for children and in general, we can only talk about those companies that produce the best labels for clothes in Bogotá.

Top companies of labels for clothes in Bogotá

custom clothing labels

Creamos Marquillas

At the top of our list we have the company Creamos Marquillas and we place it at the top of our list for several reasons that we will mention below:

The labels for Bogotá clothes produced in Creamos Marquillas have the possibility of lasting more than 300 washes, a true madness and something that ensures a long life of these important elements (which should last at least 15 washes).

On the other hand, none of the labels that they will buy in the company have negative effects on the skin of those who wear the clothes, that is, they do not cause allergies or itching.

The designs they can create are very varied and adapt perfectly to what they need.

Finally, it is possible to select labels made of different materials to meet the demands that you as customers may have.

Cell: +57 315 649 9786 (also uses whatsapp)
Landline: +57 601560 1782

Marquitex Marquillas


Second on our list we have the Marquitex Marquillas company that has been on the market since 1985, producing excellent quality labels.

One of the interesting characteristics of the company is that they can sell personalized labels for clothing in Bogotá from very small quantities (1 label even), therefore, it is also recommended for those who only want some personalized labels for our children’s clothes or for our own clothes.

On the other hand, they can select different colors, drawings and even the type of label they want (to sew, adhere, among other options). The purchase process is very simple and they can buy from the web without problems.

Cell: +57 3102207867
Landline: +57 601 2878864

Fun choices

Fun choices

On the other hand, we have Fun Choices, a very interesting company that has a very complete working group to design woven labels for clothing in Bogotá (and many other types of labels) of very good quality.

Mostly in this company we will find labels for children’s clothing, the designs are really fun and they even have options for labels for children who may be allergic.

The happiness of the little ones and the tranquility of the parents are two of the most important things for Fun Choices, which is why they work every day to achieve the objectives set.

Cell: + 57 310-204-4102
Landline: not available

Falcon Publicidad

Falcon Publicidad

In Falcon advertising you can find very good quality labels, which have a long duration and with the most competitive prices on the market.

It is important to mention that they produce from 5 thousand labels onwards and that they can be found with different materials and techniques, among them the following: printed on satin, polyester or nylon and woven in damask or taffeta.

One of the great advantages of the labels produced at the Bogotá clothing label factory is that they can be adapted to shirts, shoes, pants, ties and much more.

Cell: +57 3124599623
Landline: +57 601 4838435

Marquillas S.A

In position 5 we have Marquillas S.A a company whose main goal is to make brands attractive thanks to their labels and also to give the necessary information to buyers.

You can contact them without problems from the website that has a very friendly design and very simple to use.

One of the great advantages of this company is that it has a working group of experts who always seek the best for their clients.

Its main headquarters are in Sabaneta – Antioquia but it has other offices in Bogotá, Cali, Bucaramanga, Ibagué, Barranquilla and Pereira.

Cell: Not available
Landline: +57 604 4488801

Artes ya

Artes ya

Another option they have when buying labels for clothes Bogotá Ricaurte is the company Artes Since within its products it offers its customers the possibility of designing quality labels.

As with many of the other companies, they will also have different types of labels to choose from, for example woven, printed and even plastisol labels. Which ones are more recommendable or better? That will simply depend on what needs and urgencies you may have as clients of the company.

They are also manufactured in different materials, for example, cardboard, fabrics, leather, plastisol, among other options.

Cell: 320 2349829
Landline: +57 601 2704205

Ofi Max


Ofi Max is a company or graphic center that has several options of articles and design products, among which we can mention labels for clothing.

It is important to mention that they do not offer as many options as other companies, but that they cover that with their good prices and some promotions that may be of interest to you.

The collection and price of the labels depends on several of your decisions: the number of colors, number of labels, sizes, different effects, cuts, woven edges and many other things that raise or lower the price a bit if you decide or not add them.

It is a pretty good option and suits those who do not need labels with so much customization or very exaggerated designs.

Cell: 310 288 1682
Landline: +57 601 284 49 55

My Tag

My Tag

Now let’s get to know a little more about My Tag, a company specialized in the production of labels for SMEs and SMEs. One of the company’s main products is the Bogotá heat-adhesive labels for clothing that they are capable of producing.

The labels do not peel off, they are of great quality and have a truly impressive resistance. One of the big reasons they work so well is because of their rounded edges that adapt better to the surface.

Cell: 314 645 0449
Landline: +57 601 448 4478

Marquillas Muchas Marquillas

Reaching the end of our top 10, we find Marquillas Many Marquillas, a fairly traditional company that offers a high quality product at prices that will perfectly suit your pocket.

The great specialty of this company are labels for footwear, but with the passage of time they have adapted to the production of labels for other garments.

Ideas Zimne

Ideas Zimne

Finally we come to Ideas Zimne, another very good option for you with several accepted forms of payment, possibilities to produce different types of labels and tags in satin, matte tape, Nylon, fault tape and more.

A really punctual company that always works hand in hand with its clients to improve every day.

Cell: 315 3521576
Landline: Not available

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