Which printer is better to buy in 2021?

cual impresora es mejor

Do you want a new printer? Therefore, the first thing you have to think about is what type of printer you want and what you need it for.

If a monochrome printer (black and white) is enough, or you need a color printer, if you want a Wi-Fi printer to avoid cables or laser, LED or other particular technology.

It can be very difficult to make the decision, which will depend on what you want in relation to the amount of work, how many people will use it, how much you want to spend initially, and how much you will spend on maintenance.

For the conditions described above and others that must be taken into account, we will describe the types of printers that the market offers and under what circumstances we will recommend them. There are also important technical aspects and even some suggestions.

Which printer is better: ink or laser?

printing machine

Printing technology is decisive at the cost level for printing and the purchase of related peripheral equipment.

Inkjet printer

Although lasers are gaining popularity, inkjet is the most popular technology in this field.

The prices of these simpler versions of printers are usually very cheap, which allows us not only to print in color, but also to access models that can also be scanned or copied.

Keep in mind that it is important to consider how much to print: if we are going to use it in large quantities, the cost per page will be higher than in other technologies. However, if we want to print less, there is a risk that the ink cartridges will dry out.

Laser printers

Laser printers use toner (pigment powder) instead of ink cartridges, and the cost per page is generally lower than printing with ink.

Monochrome models in this industry are relatively cheap, so if you want to print documents in black and white, whether you want to use them in bulk or the idea of ​​printing every now and then, they are particularly attractive.

Which printer is better according to your needs?

printing machine

Without further ado, let’s go to the analysis we did in the market based on our knowledge of the matter about the best options when deciding on the best printer to buy in the market.

If you plan to print little: HP DeskJet 2634

HP DeskJet 2634

The HP Deskjet series is known for its economical, easy-to-use and compact design, features that are very interesting for those who occasionally need to use peripherals.

This is the case of the HP DeskJet 2634 (approximately 70 USD), it is a compact multifunction ink model with scanner and copier, although its scanning resolution is not excellent (1200 x 1200 dpi).

It has a black ink cartridge and a color ink cartridge, so even if only the cyan ink cartridge runs out, it needs to be completely replaced. However, it has an HP Instant Ink replacement plan, so if you spend less than 15 copies per month, you can use it for free.

Best photo printer: Canon Pixma iP8720

Canon Pixma iP8720

If you are looking for a printer that can complete all tasks, Canon Pixma iP8720 is a good choice.

The printer holds six ink cartridges and can print 13 x 19-inch photos.

Canon has no physical controls or LCD screens, so you can control the printer from the device.

Cheapest printer: HP DeskJet 3755

HP DeskJet 3755

This HP DeskJet printer is cheap and compact, making it very suitable as a home printer.

If the idea is to print in black and white: Ricoh SP 220NW

Ricoh SP 220NW

A compact and affordable model of the Ricoh SP 220NW ($ 81), although it is an entry-level non-multifunction printer.

Its benefits include mobile connectivity and print speeds of up to 22 ppm, which is very attractive at its low price.

Ideal for office work: Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730

Epson Workforce Pro WF-3730 is not very user friendly, but it can meet the needs of the office.

At its price, the printer can provide stable print quality.

For everyday use at home



Another compact MFP that uses Colorjet technology for frequent printing is the Brother MFC J5330DW (184 PCS), which is a high-performance, large-capacity MFP that can print on both sides and has a 250-sheet input tray.

Among its advantages is the Wi-Fi connection, it can print in A3 and its 6.8 cm color touch screen, making it flexible and intuitive to use.
Also for use at home, in case you want to give it to yourself as a professional.


In the range of simple and family-oriented color lasers, we find this Xerox Phaser 6510, which can provide both an Ethernet port (185 euros), a port and a wireless connection (301 USD).

It stands out for its intensive use, excellent print quality, speeds of up to 28 ppm and compact size.

If you want print speed, this is your option: HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025

The HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 processes documents and photos two to three times faster than its competitors.

Printers for particular purposes

There are other types of printer technologies to consider that are less known for meeting very particular needs:


Imagine a typewriter. These types of plastic or metal wheels accentuate the character’s facial shape.

The hammer presses on the tape and finally forms letter-like ink spots on the paper.

There is no doubt that they can create high-quality results on text themes, but you can assume that they cannot take images.

Dot matrix

Create letters by clicking on the colored ribbon. Each of these pins will create a point, and the combination of these pins will create characters and illustrations.


We have mentioned them a bit, but yes, they are basically very similar to lasers.

The difference is that they use liquid crystal or light-emitting diodes instead of lasers to produce images on the photosensitive drum.


They contain a string of characters or pins and print the entire line at once. They are very fast, but the quality is very low.


These are cheap printers that work by pressing the head of the pin against the thermal paper. They are widely used in calculators and fax machines.

So far our analysis of printers. We hope that you have become familiar with the subject and have better arguments to make your purchasing decisions.

And if you want to have more information about digital printing you can consult other great articles that we have for you.

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