Beautiful Christmas cards to print

tarjetas de navidad para imprimir

The Christmas season is approaching where we usually share with the family, give gifts and of course, accompanied by some beautiful Christmas cards to print that you can choose and download in this article and look like a king with your Christmas gift.

We have many Christmas card motifs to print

As we know that there is pleasure in variety, we will give you several options to download, for example, vintage Christmas cards to print, in black and white, religious, simple, beautiful, colorful, for children and much more, so that you will surely choose one or several of them.

Emotional religious cards to print

For people who are religious and believers in Jesus Christ, Christmas has a very special meaning, because it commemorates the birth of Jesus, the God made man who came into the world to redeem us from our sins.  

Given this importance, here you can download some beautiful religious Christmas cards to print and give away.

Remember that some cards must be printed on both sides, since on one side is the message and the reason and on the other side is the space where you can mark it and add any text of your choice.

Cute traditional christmas cards

If you are looking for a traditional-style Christmas card, that is, with the colors typical of Christmas: gold, green and red and with well-known motifs such as the tree, gifts, bells and more, here you will have all the options to choose from.

Sober vintage cards

If you are looking for something different from religious cards and traditional Christmas colors, printable vintage Christmas cards are a good option for you.

These cards are different in style, possibly more simple and sober because we know that we must offer printable Christmas cards for all tastes.

Simple black and white printable Christmas cards

If what you are looking for is the absence of the traditional color of Christmas, black and white printable Christmas cards are the best option for you.

They are simple Christmas cards to print that you can give to your neighbors or close families but with extreme simplicity because we know that extravagance and color are not for everyone.

All the Christmas card motifs to print in pdf are in this format, to facilitate printing.

Tender children’s Christmas cards to print

Finally, since we know that the children of the house enjoy this time more than the adults, we have a series of tender and cute Christmas cards very much in the children’s style.

This is a nice opportunity for children to accompany with their gifts and feel happy not only receiving gifts but also giving.

History of Christmas

The origin of the Christmas celebration is undoubtedly Christianity, which commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ more than 2,000 years ago, on December 25.

However, this festivity coincides with a pagan festival that the Romans celebrated on the same date: the Saturnalia or festival in honor of Saturn, the god of the harvest and agriculture.

Originally, this Roman festival was held between December 17 and 23 to coincide with the longest period of the year or winter solstice, which is the time when the sun takes longer to rise and sets sooner.

From the Christian perspective, Pope Julius I and Pope Leo the Great instituted this festival of the nativity of the Lord on December 25.

Regardless of your belief about the origin of Christmas, whether it is religious or pagan, most people love this time, which is why we always try to celebrate it with family or close friends, in the warmth of home, a good dinner and some beautiful Christmas presents.

We hope that all the free printable Christmas card motifs that we present to you are to your liking and that you can choose not just one but several cards to accompany your good wishes and your gifts.

We also invite you to explore all the articles on our blog and visit other types of printable resources that can be very useful in your daily work.

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