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What is prepress?

Hello again, here we go with another incredible post well complete about what is prepress and in general, impression that we hope you like.

Prepress, also known as prepress, is a term used in the publishing and printing industry for the process that occurs between the creation of a print design and the final print, with the purpose of ensuring a certain result.

Prepress includes image and text adjustments or the creation of high-quality documents for printing, as well as in-house construction plate making that can be installed out of the box.

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Types of business card paper

Hello again, here we go with another great article well complete on printing and types of business card paper that we hope you like.

Sometimes we envision our business cards in only one way, but when we see the print, we are surprised that they don’t look the way we expected.

Here you will find different types of business card paper that you can print business cards on. You can print cards with any of the materials below, depending on your brand, style, and needs.

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Types of brochures

Hello again, here we go with another great post well complete on printing that we hope you like.

A booklet is a document or graphic print that is characterized by a few pages and the transmission of information clearly and precisely, in addition to the use of many images. In this way, brochures are a means of communication that must conform to a design that catches the reader’s attention. Due to their characteristics or functions, brochures are widely used in advertising campaigns, sales of all kinds, travel agencies, schools and even companies or service providers. In any case, a brochure should never be large or contain a lot of information, otherwise it loses its function.

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5 of the best digital printing companies in Mexico city

Do you need a good digital printing service in Mexico City, but you don’t know which companies can provide this service? Do you want to know which is the best digital printing provider out there?

Today we bring you the 7 of the best digital printing companies in Mexico City so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs, budget and interests.

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Coloring and printing pages of all varieties and styles

To download these drawings, all you have to do is click on the image or the “download” button: you can download all the drawings for coloring pages and print A4 size pdf, on your computer or device. To see the different categories, you can use the index that is presented at the beginning of this page.

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Arroba as it gets on the computer

Although it sounds strange, there are times when we need to use the @ sign and we often ask ourselves, and how do you put the at in the computer? But many people do not know how to remove it from the keyboard and this can be a headache, so at the request of some followers of our blog we put out this article, which we hope will be useful and avoid migraines to more than one jajajaj.

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What are the warm and cool colors?

The difference between warm and cold colors comes from the color theory that emerged from the 18th century to explain the effect of other colors on the viewer. Colors like blue, green, and purple are considered cool, while colors like red, orange, or yellow are warm. This division of colors is psychological, artistic and scientific; cold colors are associated with the sea, the sky and the forest. While the warm colors are combined with the fire and the sunset.

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