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dibujos de escritura creativa

Creative writing drawings and of course writing in general have lost relevance in a world that is increasingly connected through the internet and in which writing and drawing accessories and articles have almost lost strength; However, today we want to tell you why we consider them to be of great importance and we should not let them die.

Writing and its importance

Writing has been around for many, many years, around 3,000 years B.C. in Asian Mesopotamia, and it is a super important form of communication for the human being, which has allowed him to:

  1. That the information can last over time without being distorted (unlike verbal communication)
  2. Information can be known by many people in different places.
  3. That the human being acquires more and more knowledge of other people and can overcome themselves.

Because writing is such an important means of communication, and because currently the majority of the world’s population knows how to read and write, we should make more and more effort to work and promote its quality so that the understanding of the message that is wanted express is the best and there is no room for misinterpretation.

However, we want to go a little further than knowing how to write, we want you to exploit that potential writer that we all have inside to do creative writing, which goes beyond the limits of technical or professional writing that we usually use to take us to fictional literary fields or not, such as novels, short stories, poetry, even dramatic writing for television, film or theater.

Creative writing exercises for children and adults

As in this space we want to exploit our writing skills, we want to tell you some ideas that will help you unlock that potential writer that you have inside and take the risk of going one step further in the writing process.

Remember that these tips are not as demanding as when you are going to write a novel, but they will help you to get your engines off the ground in the writing process, have fun, relax, get out of the routine and perhaps great ideas for a book might come out.

Let everything that comes into your mind flow

flow. Prepare your body and mind for this exercise, also prepare a notebook, pencil or pen that will be your means to express everything you have inside. Relax your body and start writing down everything that comes to your mind.

Don’t discard ideas

Do not cross out ideas that came out of this process, do not tear the pages of your notebook. Ideas that may seem crazy today, later may make all the sense in the world.

Don’t be afraid of quality

At this early stage, the quality may not be the best, but it should be polished in the process of reading, rereading, and improving. However, and as we said before, do not discard ideas.

Once upon a time…

if when you start the creative writing process your mind is blank, there are some phrases that can help you start, for example, once upon a time…, once upon a time, I remember that…, it’s like thinking about the stories that our parents or grandparents told us, almost all of them started like this. Every time you feel blocked you can write one of these phrases.

Writing resources

Many people will not know that there are some writing resources that can help you clear your mind and give you ideas, some are: storytelling cubes, these are given with images, you throw several of them and you must include in your writing as many words (or more) like dice rolls.

You can also use cards with words of all kinds and choose some accounts and do the same as with the cubes, you must create a writing, for example a story with these words.

Rewrite a traditional tale

This advice is great to get us out of the comfort zone of knowing a story always the same but we will make changes to create something new. For example, the story of the three little pigs, change the location from the forest to the city, or instead of building a house, build a story; change the wolf to a monster, etc.

Write dialogues

Putting ourselves in the shoes of several people and building a dialogue between them is another very good option to generate creative writing. For example, writing a dialogue between a dog and a cat; between a father and a son; between a judge and a prisoner, between a pirate and his henchmen, etc.

Writing drawings

Creative writing drawings are the perfect complement to the writing we do, especially in children’s writing. For those who have skills in drawing, complementing the writing with drawing can give a different vision to the writing, generate new ideas and make the reader go much deeper into what you want to express.

Also through the drawings we can let our imagination and creativity fly, for example, using cards not of words but with drawings and from there generate a writing.

You can use these techniques as children’s activities in which children will have fun while exploiting their creativity to the fullest, but you can also work them with adults, who are sometimes more blocked from creativity and may need them more than children.

There are many more ideas to generate creative writing that can help you unlock and make the most of that writer inside you, for example, writing to describe a character, a place, a specific event, a taste, a smell, in short, everything Let our senses and imagination flourish.

We hope that with these creative writing and Creative writing drawings ideas you can take writing seriously and get out of the routine of hyperconnectivity in which we live, explore other worlds, live other stories and transform realities.

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