Types of brochures

Tipos de folletos

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A booklet is a document or graphic print that is characterized by a few pages and the transmission of information clearly and precisely, in addition to the use of many images. In this way, brochures are a means of communication that must conform to a design that catches the reader’s attention. Due to their characteristics or functions, brochures are widely used in advertising campaigns, sales of all kinds, travel agencies, schools and even companies or service providers. In any case, a brochure should never be large or contain a lot of information, otherwise it loses its function.

Booklets are usually classified according to their length or the number of sheets or pages they contain. It largely determines how information is presented and where it goes.

 Types of brochures


This type of booklet is made up of a double division of one page of each size, folded in half. So this is a small brochure that shows the information that needs to be provided. They are widely used in the business or business world to provide information about a specific activity.


As the name implies, this type of booklet includes three sections created by dividing a page of any size into three blocks of the same size. As in the previous case, the blocks are defined by the folds. In general, the triptych has a very specific way of presenting the information, since it is based on a chronological or continuous presentation of the message. This means that when you open the brochure you get more information related to what has been said above.

User information

Although it is not generally considered a brochure, in the strictest sense of the word, the truth is that it has many similarities with the latter, which is why some see it as such. This is an advertisement that formulates accurate information and can come in different formats and sizes. They were originally published in brochures, although now that is no longer the rule. Most of the time he was used to transmitting political ideas mainly due to the great impact that his format had on the reader.

Additional features

Brochures of this type usually include more content and sheets, so they are very similar to a magazine. This saves the reader more time on your query so that you can add much more information. They are usually small in size and are widely used in stores or businesses to promote their products.

Advertising or Flyers

this type of brochure is one of the most popular. These are small sheets printed on one side and that talk about a product or service. They sell like this because their distribution is very simple and because they are delivered right next to it in very crowded places. Due to their characteristics, they must be concise and precise, while trying to best capture the small space they have.

Brochure according to type of fold

Window folding brochures

Mainly used for quadrilaterals.

Accordion folding brochure

It is opened by two or more parallel folds in opposite directions. It allows the folding of a large number of pages and is ideal for multipage or multipart brochures, although it can also be used in triplets or quadruplets. For polytype printing and folding, the paper type must be thinner. The accordion manual can be opened from the right or left side, and the content must be consistent, whether it is fully expanded or partially open.

Cylindrical folded envelope or booklet

Formed by a set of folds that are folded several times on themselves. When the folded brochure is opened, the information will be displayed one by one, the content should be clear and easy to read, and consistent as a set of individual pages and a single continuous strip.

Horizontal fold brochure

They can be printed on one side or both sides, and they are the most complicated at the time of organizing the content for each side in a coherent and independent way.

Types of creative brochures

Here we present a spectacular gallery of images with very creative brochures so that you can be inspired by your designs and make yours in a professional way, if you want you can download them without problem by clicking the mouse on the right button to download image to design on the image, we are here to help you 🙂

Types of brochures for children

A brochure is a low scalability graphic means of communication, which also has the purpose of selling or informing, providing services and carrying out cultural or entertainment activities in the case of being for children.

For a child audience the text of the brochure should be easy to understand and use a language appropriate to the level of teaching of the reader. The font used must be clear and easy to read. It should have an eye-catching design and should be easy to operate and read.

Here we share some good examples of brochures for children totally FREE.

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