Printable English activities

actividades para imprimir de inglés

There are many printable English activities that you can find on the internet to work on and practice this important second language.

You just have to choose the most appropriate English exercises to print according to your current knowledge, your preferences or your interests in learning English.

Stay until the end so that you can download the great exercises in English to print pdf that we prepared for you, so that you can manipulate them more easily and work on them from anywhere while learning and having fun.

Some activities to print in English

In this section you will find some activities to print in English that will be very useful if you are starting in this second language.

Exercises to complete

In these activities the idea is to complete a word given the image and some letters of the word.

These types of exercises can have different levels of complexity depending on the type of words that must be completed. On this occasion, the words are very simple, straightforward and familiar, so we have no doubt that you will be able to do the exercise easily, even a child will be able to do it without much difficulty.

Exercises to find objects inside an image

These types of exercises are very practical because, in addition to being very visual since they are supported by an image, they help you to practice two English skills: reading and writing.

One of the objectives of these exercises that we propose is for you to find different parts of the house or kitchen, which are listed in English below on the sheet, so that you can identify how these objects are written in English.

The second objective is that you can classify and write the words in the final columns of the card according to a classification criterion, that is, you will also learn to write the word in English.

Exercises for reading and answering questions

These types of exercises promote vocabulary expansion much more, since it is necessary to read questions and write the answers with a good grammatical structure, and it will also require a higher level of vocabulary to answer the question correctly.

These daily routine English exercises to print will help you strengthen vocabulary, they are also very workable, so don’t stop doing them.

Learning English has never been so easy

Currently, learning English is such a necessary skill that the range of possibilities we have to do it is too wide.

Some of the options we have to do so are the following:

Enroll in a language school

This is an excellent option since you will be able to find native teachers or those who have lived abroad, they will offer you a large number of audiovisual tools, teaching materials, traditional or immersive methodologies, and a group of people who want to learn like you.

Find the language school that best suits your budget and your daily routine, remember that many of them are virtual and others face-to-face.


Another great option that we have at our disposal is to download applications on the cell phone.

Many of these applications are free and others are paid, and they are really good because they allow us to:

  • progress according to our level of knowledge of the language
  • earn points according to our performance
  • have an increasingly higher level of language proficiency
  • lots of exercises and they even grade our pronunciation

Additionally, they offer you reminders to work each day and you can practice anytime, anywhere.

Travel abroad

And not just travel to learn, but live for a while in a city where you can learn the language, enroll in a good school where you can learn or perfect the language, as well as have a great cultural exchange that will enrich your personal and professional life.

Finally, use resources like the ones we offer you to practice every day.

Surely there will be other options so that English is more within your reach every day, just use your imagination and be totally willing to do it!

As you may have noticed, the printable English activities that we offered you are an appetizer for the world of possibilities that you will find on the internet. Be encouraged to look for more of these types of activities and advance a little more every day in learning English!

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