Labels for clothes, everything you need to know

marquillas para ropa

In this article you will find valuable information about labels for clothes, such as their different types, finishes, where to buy them and I will even recommend an excellent free software that I have personally tried and it has been great for me to develop my own designs.

As we know, a label has the vital function of generating identity by responding to the needs of each client, from materials such as: Nylon, Satin, Fabrics, Hot stamping and Digital, here I mention the different types of most common labels on the market .

Most popular types of labels and tags for clothing

High definition labels

This type of clothing labels are printed with a high photographic quality in full color, on a soft opaque or glossy satin in which the design will be faithfully highlighted even with very elaborate designs, an important quality to be exploited in this type of labels, Another of its characteristics is that it does not cause any type of damage to the garment or inconvenience the person who wears it.

Woven labels

As their name indicates, they are high quality fabrics allowing the use of up to 7 colors giving the design an impressive texture, being the best option when you want to make a difference in a garment on the market. If you are interested in woven labels, I invite you to see my article on tips to select the best thread to sew your labels for clothes.

Patterned labels

These clothing labels are made of nylon whose main use is for variable data such as sic, qr, aztec codes, compositions, import and export resolutions. Some of these labels draw attention for the originality in their elaboration with striking designs thanks to the fact that this technique allows us, basically it is as if giving an extra message to the customer at the time of purchase.


These labels are made of plastic material, these labels can be handled in high or low relief in two and three dimensions depending on the client’s requirements, its particularity is that it will take the design to another level, giving the garment a new personality.

How to make clothing labels yourself

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With Canva’s intuitive design tool, you can create professional labels that will catch the eye of your buyers. This will take a few minutes, the designs you make will be ready to print in high resolution. Canva has the ability to create from templates, which makes things much easier. You can easily put a price, size and a characteristic message to differentiate yourself from the competition. Go to

Here is a video that can be very useful if you are going to take seriously the issue of designing your own labels for clothes and you have no idea of design and I also have a step by step on how to make personalized labels that may interest you .

If you are interested in seeing a more personalized and detailed process of making labels for clothes, I recommend you see my tutorial How to make personalized labels for clothes by hand in 3 steps.

Where to buy labels for clothes

Donde comprar marquillas para ropa

I recommend this small list for what I know and the services of the providers that I have hired to make my labels, surely with time it will grow and I will register my good or bad experience with some of them.

Free market

If you have no problems with shopping online, a good option to buy labels is the free market, I personally have done it and it has been great for me, there you can get from woven labels, in high definition or printed, that if I recommend that I eat everything online transactional process, be sure to see the number of sales made, customer service and punctuality of deliveries. Enter your label service here.

Marquillas s.a.

They have their main headquarters in Antioquia, specifically in Sabaneta but their coverage is throughout the country, they also have a website, designed to advise by chat, something important if you need quick advice and you live in a secluded place. Enter their website here.

Ideas Zimne

They are from Bogotá, they handle a great variety of options and they are vastly efficient in the deliveries and in the results of the final product, ahh and I forgot they have a chat, something old-fashioned and slow but they attend;) Here is their website.


They are good, they are in Medellin, it is an agile company, they demonstrated it in their service by WhatsApp from their page and they showed a lot of professionalism in the finishes with a label that I needed with a somewhat complex design. Here your website.