How to use the wall sticker correctly to decorate?

papel adhesivo para pared

Decorating a home can be a complicated task, deciding on a form of decoration that will be with us for a few years is not an easy decision and we must think a lot to reach a point where we feel comfortable with what we decide. In addition to this, it is important to try to combine the style of the whole house, that is, if our kitchen has a rustic, minimalist or retro style, all other spaces must follow the same line.

A great, but great advantage of technology is that it offers us different tools to make the decision-making of some of the day-to-day things a much simpler process, for example, some years ago we had the possibility of using adhesive paper for wall as an economical option, much easier to replace and with many more possibilities for decorating our home.

3D Wall Sticker Paper

Self-adhesive 3d wall paper (also known as 3d vinyls) is a very simple to use product whose main objective is to offer its users a completely different design (which in some cases can even be adjusted to customer requests) that can highlight easily on the different walls of the spaces of our home. The variety of designs that we can find is really impressive and is that the main objective of 3d adhesive papers is to offer a kind of texture, a different effect, a deception for our eyes.

The most fun, interesting and outstanding thing about these vinyls is precisely the visual effects that we can create, for example, some of the most common effects are those in which it seems that the wall is breaking and some type of image comes out of it (landscapes, animals, among many other things).

Adhesive paper for bathroom

“Plage Colección Smooth” by Plage Vinilos y Decoración is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The bathroom is one of the spaces in the home that we can simply decorate with adhesive paper for the wall and also with adhesive paper for other elements, such as for the door of our bathroom shower. The really interesting thing about adhesive papers is that they can be found in different types, for example, for the bathroom it is important to select one that is resistant to moisture (so that it does not damage and wear out quickly).

It is really impressive the amount of beautiful designs of this type of paper that can be obtained in the market to decorate the bathroom, different colors, textures and a fairly inexpensive price that can perfectly adapt to our pocket.

Adhesive paper to decorate the kitchen

On the other hand, we can also find self-adhesive vinyl for the kitchen wall, in this case it is important to select a type of material that is suitable for these spaces, so we can have more facilities when cleaning the grease that can easily stick. to our vinyls.

Similarly, one of the advantages of vinyl walls is that the paper can be replaced easily and without much work, we only need a small spatula (to help us in effective gluing), a scissors (to remove excess paper) and a spray bottle with a little water to help the sticker paper.

By this we mean that, if we get tired of the paper that we installed a few months ago, we simply have to remove it (to remove a vinyl it is recommended to heat the paper a little with a hair dryer to help detach the glue faster and thus not leave any type of residue on our wall), compare a new one and totally change the look of our kitchen in just a few hours.

Vinyl images for walls

The amount of images on vinyl for walls is really impressive, we can find a huge variety of types of images that can really leave us surprised. Among some of the types of vinyls that can be found on the market we have the following:

  • Vinyl for children’s walls. Vinyl for children’s walls are perhaps the most abundant on the market, among them you can find vinyl superheroes, sports and many other things that the little ones in the house will surely love.
  • Vinyls for festivities. You can also find vinyls specifically adapted for some type of holiday or event (for example, for Halloween or Christmas) that usually has very nice typographic designs.
  • Artistic vinyls. There are those vinyls that seek to recreate works of art or famous paintings, even vinyls that look like a real work of art.
  • Vinyl for bedroom. On the other hand, we can find bedroom wall paper, in this case it is recommended to select designs that help us calm down and offer us serenity. Some of the most common bedroom vinyls include beach landscapes, mountains, art designs, and many other options.
  • Many other types of vinyls. It is truly incredible the amount of options that we can choose from, it is simply up to you to start investigating and studying the different possibilities and take the time to find a design that perfectly fits what you want (there are so many options that sometimes we can get bored and select a vinyl that does not finish filling us so much).

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, here we share an excellent gallery of images where you can find decorative ideas with vinyls to decorate the baby’s room, the kitchen, your room, the living room and much more.

Decorative vinyl ideas for your home

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Step-by-step tutorial to install the adhesive paper in your home

Installing adhesive paper is not a complicated task, despite this, it is recommended to follow some steps to make sure we do the process well and not make mistakes in the installation. The recommended steps to follow are the following:

  • Fix the adhesive paper to the wall. The first thing we have to do is decide where the adhesive paper will go and fix it to the wall with tape.Paso 1 instalar papel adhesivo
  • We begin the process. To begin the process we must separate a first part of the paper, this means separating the white part of it to proceed to stick the vinyl with its own paste.
    Paso 2 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Bend or cut. Then we must fold or cut the part that we took off the paper (the one that has no glue) to be able to stick the vinyl to our wall.
    Paso 3 instalar papel adhesivo
  • We started pasting. We take the part of the vinyl that we have already separated and begin to glue it to our wall, here it is recommended to use a small plastic spatula to help in the process and have a much more uniform gluing.
    Paso 4 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Keep removing the white part of the paper. Our fifth step is to continue removing the white part of the paper (and the tape) to finish gluing the vinyl simply.
    Paso 5 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Remove the transparent cover. The next step is to remove (calmly and patiently) the transparent covering from the vinyl, for this it is recommended to press on the design glued to the wall.
    Paso 6 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Use a hair dryer. After having removed all the transparent coverage, we can use a hair dryer (do not bring it too close to avoid damaging the design) to help the vinyl adhere well to the wall.
    Paso 7 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Use a dry cloth or dry sponge. While using the hair dryer, we can also apply pressure with a dry sponge or a dry cloth so that the pressure is much more uniform.
    Paso 8 instalar papel adhesivo
  • Ready! In just 9 steps we will have our beautiful vinyl design adhered to the wall.Paso 9 instalar papel adhesivo

Where to buy adhesive wall paper?

In our country there are several companies that offer vinyl with many different designs, but the most advisable thing would be to look for self-adhesive wall paper in mercadolibre, there we will find a variety of really interesting options so that we can make a good decision. If you cannot find the product as self-adhesive paper, we recommend that you also look for 3d vinyls, a simple tip that can help you a lot in your search.

In this link Go to see vinyls in the mercadolibre, you can find really beautiful vinyls to decorate every corner of your house in a very creative way

Wallpaper for wall price

“Plage coleccion MS” by Plage Vinilos y Decoración is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

The price of wallpaper for wall (or 3d wall decals) can vary a lot depending on some characteristics of the product such as, for example, the design, the quality of the paper, the type of paper used and much more.

In general, the price of these products is not very high, we can even assure you that, due to its duration and the great advantages it offers, using wallpaper throughout our home is much cheaper than changing the paint or retouching some spaces.