How to know when to hire a digital printing service

servicio de impresión digital
Digital printing services are handled by methods of printing from a digital image directly to a variety of media. In general, digital printing is used for small-run jobs. Other digital fonts are printed using large-format or high-volume inkjet or laser printers. Digital printing service has a higher cost per page than traditional offset printing methods, but this cost is often offset by avoiding the cost of all the technical processes involved in making printing plates.

Another benefit of digital printing is that it enables on-demand printing under short turnaround time and even image modification for each print, also saving labor. Even the increasing capacity of digital presses has brought digital printing to the point where it can match or replace the ability of offset printing technology to generate larger runs of several thousand sheets at a more economical price.

The biggest difference between digital printing and conventional methods like lithography and flexography is that in digital printing there is no need to replace plates, whereas in analog printing plates are repeatedly replaced, which implies a longer response time. fast and less expensive by opting for digital printing. The most common methods include inkjet or laser printers that deposit pigments or toner on a wide variety of substrates including paper, photographic paper, canvas, glass, metal, marble, and other substances.

In most processes, the ink or toner does not permeate the substrate, like conventional ink, but rather forms a thin layer on the surface that can be further adhered to the substrate using a thermal process fusing fluid (toner ) or UV curing process (ink).

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