7 pages to download the best 3D printing models for free

Top 7 of the best pages to download the best 3D printing models for free

3D printing models

There are hundreds of pages with which you can download different models for 3D printing, the problem is that in many of them you have to pay; That is why we take care of finding you a top 7 of spectacular pages where you can download different printing models that are free, so you will not have any more excuses to have excellent quality 3D printing models.

1. YouMagine

YouMagine modelos de impresión 3D gratis

It is a page created by a community with formats for open source 3D printers. Its catalog began in 2013 and has a wide range of designs to print for free. Not only will you be able to download the models, but they will also give you new ideas for creating other types of prints; on this page you can find:


In this option is a large catalog of designs especially recent ones uploaded by new designers. These are combined with all kinds of categories, you can also find here the models that are trend, popular and highlighted according to the rating of the users.


This is a more organized section where the 3D printing models are separated by categories with their number of styles within them, you will find toys, animals and even the same pieces that you can use for your printers.


Here you will find a lot of useful information directed at 3D printer models and innovations.


Pinshape  impresión 3D

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It is a page of designers from all over the world where you can find a wide catalog of 3D printing model files and then get the file for free to print. . Within its catalog you can find several sections of:


Small scale print models on action figures, famous movies or all kinds of styles that are very creative and great for your decoration.

Home living

It is one of the categories that I like the most because here you will find all kinds of models that will be useful for the home and work spaces.

People and creatures- personas y criaturas

Print models on new, old sculptures and where you can find statues from your favorite old movies.


MyMiniFactory modelos de impresión 3D

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English accessories from specially guaranteed resources, as each file that is uploaded to this website is rigorously selected and certified by the entire community, this is really important as people can measure their effectiveness and design by filtering the products that are really useful ; the categories to be highlighted are:

Biology- biología

Print models on the anatomy of humans and animals, here you can also find very functional prehistoric animal models.

Mathematics- matemáticas

Here you find all kinds of interactive 3D printer models for your fun and development of some specific abilities of people that are really very practical and fun.

Physics- física

This category is organized according to the need or level of complexity you need, there are school and mechanical models with very practical gear elements.


GrabCad modelos de impresión 3D

It is a page of designers, engineers, manufacturers and students highly rated for its development of 3D printing models, where you can find tutorials on how to design this type of thing. It is worth highlighting some of its very useful products:


In this option you can find many highly complex models where you will also find some electrical, educational, electronic designs with many more categories that you will undoubtedly take full advantage of and you can download for free.


Instructables 3D printing models
  • It is not only a web page that collaborates by sharing modeling bank for 3D printing, it proposes hundreds of projects designed by users that give us a step-by-step demonstration of its elaboration, they also give blogs about woodworking and electronics. There is a specific 3D printing channel to create models from the comfort of your home and that you can socialize them in other forums to go beyond just 3D digital printing, expanding your production catalog.
  • In the 3D printing category, not only can you download your files, but there are also advanced and basic printing forums which would be great to improve your capabilities and thus your work would be easier professional, I invite you to be a master of 3D printing With this page, you will not regret it.

6.Prusa Printers

Prusa Printers modelos de impresión 3D
  • It is a page designed to provide manufacturers around the world with incredible totally free open source 3D resources where you can find all kinds of useful designs, an important factor is that the productions of the models are worldwide, thus achieving projects magnificent that you probably have not seen in your country, this can also be beneficial for you since with these templates you will develop new models that will give you an innovative status.
  • An example of what you can find on this page would be files of tools, smaller scale cars and statues among others. Something that should be noted is that you can filter the printing models by format, size and weight, so you will have the exact product you are looking for, it will be much easier to guide you when producing your 3D prints so take a look and Save yourself time with the help of the filter.


Cults modelos de impresión 3D

This is a page created for all designers and artists who have the soul of dreamers, who want 3D printing to reach all corners of the world, making this type of printing more affordable for entrepreneurs or owners of 3D printers. Cults also has a community that brings together everyone in the world of 3D printing and can share their ideas.
basically in cults you can find:


They are unconventional designs which you can use as a collection or decoration for any workspace, home and office, which will give a touch of exclusivity to any place.


Designs that you can use for daily use such as printing articles for your garments. In these handmade models you will find rambom prints for all kinds of tastes.


Jewelry prints of items like rings, necklaces for your pets, key chains and all kinds of very CHICS prints.


Impressions about decorative objects for the home, for example: lamps, flower pots, even large-scale models of furniture and houses.


All kinds of small or large-scale models of architecture such as the wonders of the world.

Gadget- artilugios

All kinds of small or large-scale models of architecture such as the wonders of the world.


This is one of the funniest sections because there are many 3D model files that you can turn into spectacular toys and decorations for your action figures.


Here you can find all kinds of models that will make your life easier, since you can replace those boring and squared tools with more fun and practical ones.


These are 3D print models for adults where you can find all kinds of sex and erotic toys.


Models of all kinds where you can find smaller-scale planes, handles for knives and target shots among others.

  • In addition to all this, here you can also find a space where you interact with 3D designers if you have a specific model in mind, they assign you a specialized professional to make your custom order. This is an additional paid service.