Best uv printers for your designs on any surface

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Today we bring you the best uv printers that you can find in the market to personalize your articles, whether they are advertising and / or as gifts.

A great revolution in printing with which you can print almost on any substrate!

What is UV printing?

3D printer

Before mentioning the top of uv printers, we must mention what this type of printing refers to.

The uv led printing is based on applying ink on the materials using a burst of ultraviolet light through the LEDs of the UV printer.

The uv led printers allow the drying of the ink to be almost immediate, with the possibility of applying the full range of colors, printing at high speeds, efficiently and with high quality results.

There are mainly two types of UV printers, the “traditional” ones that can print on paper or objects and the modern 3D UV printers which print on resin.

This revolutionary printing technique could eventually displace printing techniques such as sublimation, screen printing and pad printing.

Printing on different materials

uv print on leather bag

UV printing is used on various materials such as plastic, wood, metal, ceramic, leather, and many more.

The objects that you can find printed are photo frames, personalized notebooks, pen drives, bags, wallets and leather straps and everything that your imagination suggests.

Leather is one of the best materials to take advantage of this type of printing, which for many years has been a very valuable, durable and elegant material.

The result of printing on leather is really beautiful and also that you will have a unique and durable leather article.

In this video you can see how to print on leather with the use of a uv printer:

What about prices?

With a large supply on the market, uv printers prices tended to decrease in their initial price, allowing greater access to uv printing.

In addition, the users of these machines save time, effort and operating costs compared to traditional methods that require more complicated configuration and operation.

UV printing is optimal for short, single or few-unit, single-color or full-color configurations that cannot be achieved with common print forms due to such high costs.

However, there are models of these printers that are more designed for the industry due to their high cost and can be found from 3000 euros.

Best UV printers

UV printers in Colombia can be found in many varieties and prices or you can import it.

There are the small format uv printers or desktop uv printer, also the flatbed uv printer and other models.

VersaUV® LEJ-640FT flatbed uv printer

One version of the UV flatbed printer is the UV VersaUV® LEJ-640FT.

This model is used by users looking to print large quantities of manufactured or already built items such as trophies, leather bags and belts, photo frames, etc.)

However, it is even a more optimal machine for graphic providers who wish to offer specialized pre-made graphics on materials such as MDF sheets, cardboard, wood, metal, leather, plastic, etc.

Printing on existing products and items is a suitable business model for entry-level print providers who do not want to invest in larger and more expensive machines.

The LEJ-640FT printer, being large flat bed allows users to print on large items such as dining tables, guitar cases and directly on delicate electronic items such as laptops without damaging their internal components.

This will allow you to offer a personalized printing service that not many will be able to offer.

small format uv printers Mimaki UJF-3042FX

The Mimaki UJF-3042FX UV LED technology printer is a small format printer with flat support, which allows printing directly on a large number of rigid materials.

It has a maximum printing area of 300 mm x 420 mm and prints objects up to 50 mm in height and 5 kg in weight, the maximum resolution is 1,440×1,200 dpi, it also has the Greenguard Gold certification because it does not generate almost odor and has a low gas emission rate.

Mimaki UV printers are highly versatile and deliver vibrant color results on aluminum, wood, stainless steel, ceramic, plastic, glass, crystal, acrylic, methacrylate, leather, leather, cardboard, mirror, resin, etc. and very durable against scratches, chemicals and even outdoor use.

Magnum KM 3220/2512 large format uv printers

printing machine

The Magnum KM 3220/2512 hybrid printer has a table in formats: 3m x 2m (1.60m roll) and 1.25m x 2.50m (2.5m roll).

It allows materials up to 100mm thick, which makes it optimal for printing both textiles and advertising materials.

ELEGOO MARS 3D uv printers

The ELEGOO MARS uv 3D printer is a model that has the best user reviews and offers very good results.

The software of this printer helps to save resin and obtain a better impression, since it empties the model before cutting it.

Its 40W UV lights offer great printing quality while maintaining low power consumption.

It has a 3.5-inch touch screen to control it easily and comfortably.

Its printing resolution is quite high, reaching 0.047 mm in the XY axes.

Undoubtedly in the market there are many more options of brands, prices and variety of uv printers.

We hope that with this brushstroke of information you will get an idea of what these machines can do and the almost unimaginable possibilities that you can achieve by offering your products and services.

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