medellin clothing labels

medellin clothing labels

We make labels for clothes in the city of Medellín, which have the vital function of generating identity by responding to the needs of each client. We process different materials such as: Nylon, Satin, Fabrics, Hot stamping and Digital, complying with high quality standards. We have qualified personnel to provide the best solutions.

Characteristics of our service of our labels for clothes in medellin

Types of labels and labels for clothing that we handle in our production line


This type of clothing labels are printed with a high photographic quality in full color, on a soft opaque or glossy satin in which the design will be faithfully highlighted even with very elaborate designs, an important quality to be exploited in this type of labels, Another of its characteristics is that it does not cause any type of damage to the garment or inconvenience the person who wears it.


As their name indicates, they are high quality fabrics allowing the use of up to 7 colors giving the design an impressive texture, being the best option when you want to make a difference in a garment on the market.


These clothing labels are made of nylon whose main use is for variable data such as sic, qr, aztec codes, compositions, import and export resolutions. Some of these labels draw attention for the originality in their elaboration with striking designs thanks to the fact that this technique allows us, basically it is as if giving an extra message to the customer at the time of purchase.


These labels are made of plastic material, these labels can be handled in high or low relief in two and three dimensions depending on the client’s requirements, its particularity is that it will take the design to another level, giving the garment a new personality.

If you are interested in some type of labels such as those mentioned above, we can advise you if there is no type of commitment, filling out our form on the right side of this page and writing in the message marquillas medellin to give you a faster and more efficient service.