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litografías en Medellín

If you are looking for lithographs in Medellín, in Esmar supplies our services are characterized by the complete coverage of your requests, which goes from the graphic design process to delivering a perfectly finished art. Excellence in mask design, ensuring the success of each design. Our experienced technical group can effectively solve your request reducing production costs and benefiting your pocket.

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If you have any questions about how the lithography process works, here we explain them as simply as possible

Lithography is a printing process that uses a flat stone or metal plate in which the image areas are worked with a greasy substance so that the ink adheres to the desired parts, while the non-image areas repel the ink.

The impression is based on the fact that grease and water do not mix. The image is applied to a grained surface (traditionally stone but now usually aluminum) using a grease medium: such as a special ink, colored pencils, pencils, lacquer, or synthetic materials, photochemical processes or transfer are also used. A nitric acid solution is applied to the surface, producing areas of non-water receptive printing and areas of the image with receptive fat. The printing surface is kept moist, so that a roller loaded with oil-based ink can be rolled on the surface, and the ink will only adhere to the receptive fat image area. The paper is placed against the surface and the plate is run through a press.