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Are you looking for lithography company services in Medellín?

empresas de litografia en medellin
The Lithography services that Insumos ESMAR provides include engineering support for mask design, process development, ensuring the success of all your projects. Our expert work group can effectively solve all the needs you have when requesting a lithography service.
Our lithography services include two-stage, contact printing, SEM analysis, profiler, alpha pass, thin film mapping, as well as multiple wet etching chemicals and a plasma etching system.

What is the lithographic process?

The lithographic manufacturing process is very similar to printing a photo in a dark room. In radiography, an energy-sensitive material is placed as a thin coating on a piece of photographic paper. A negative is used to selectively transmit or block the energy that passes from a source to the emulsion. Light causes a chemical change in the emulsion that changes its properties in certain developers. The exposed image undergoes a chemical process and the emulsion is then fixed to stabilize it against further exposure by ambient light.

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