6 beautiful labels for children’s clothing

marquillas para ropa niños

Today we will not talk about labels as mandatory elements that clothes must wear, today we will talk about how they can be personalized to give a special touch to children’s clothing.

That is, the labels for children’s clothing and thus be able to take advantage of the benefits of these elements so that children are safer and that their clothing is more special for them.

Labels have been used in our country for many years, mainly their purpose is to mark all the information that customers may need about the clothes they buy from a textile company (such as taking care of the piece of clothing, its origin, the size, who the factory, among other things).

Label models and their possible purposes or objectives

clothing tags

There are clearly different models of labels for children’s clothing, each model and each decision that we make as a parent will make the purpose of such a label can be totally different.

For example, some parents want to put the name of the child and the phone number of one of the parents on the tag, that way, if the child is lost it is possible to help find their parents quickly.

There are also those labels with designs of the child’s taste and that make them wear them with pride and show them to their friends.

Later we will see a list of 6 of the best labels that you can download and use on your children’s clothes.

List of 6 beautiful labels for children’s clothing

Simple label with a simple model

marquilla sencilla

The first option that we have for you today is a label with a fairly simple and basic design, which you can normally use for your children, regardless of whether they are a boy or a girl.

This design contains the name of the little one (they can personalize it clearly) and also the phone number of their parents, guardians, grandparents, who may be closest and available at the time of any emergency or problem.

If you want to get this beautiful design quite simply, but with very good functionality, you can click here and you will get one of the great labels for children’s clothing of the moment.

Tags with a sporty design


What kid doesn’t love sports? It is for this reason that one of the labels for children’s clothing most used in our country is the one that bears the design with one of the favorite sports of Colombians: soccer.

In this case, the label not only has a soccer ball in its design, you can also add your child’s name and phone number so that they can be contacted in case of getting lost or any other problem.

We know that you will like this design and that you want to know where to download it, therefore, we invite you to click on this link and get your design to print.

Tag of flowers and colors

colored leaves

Now let’s think a little more about girls and a design that they will surely love (and also moms), this design has several flowers of different colors and also includes on its label several very beautiful colors that combine perfectly with the flowers design.

A tag of flowers and colors adapts perfectly to any garment of a girl’s clothing, it is for that reason that this design is so beautiful and that we fully recommend them for your girls. You can click here and download this design.

Design with the child’s photo

girl photography

Completely changing things, an interesting way to personalize the labels of children’s clothing is by entering a photo of the boy or girl into the design. This style is beautiful, and it also allows the design to be much closer to us and to our hearts.

The most advisable thing is always that there is a telephone contact in the marquilla so that they can communicate with us at any time if something has happened with our son. You can also access this design by clicking here.

labels for children’s clothing unicolor

There is an age when children are no longer interested in games or cartoons and want to be more independent.


If you also want to be sure that your children have a tag with their name and the telephone number where they can contact you in case of problems, we recommend that you click here and see the unicolor tag designs.

The advantage of a single-color label is that it can be easily adapted to different tastes and ways of thinking and that if your children have already grown a little and have a more serious way of thinking, they can still have their beautiful label on their clothes without any problem.

Or if you want a multicolored label you can get it here.

labels for princess children’s clothing


For those of us who still do not want our princesses to stop being, we have a beautiful design with some of the most recognized princesses (cartoons and more) today.

This design is really perfect and you can download it without any problem and at any time from this link.

The advantage of having a princess tag is that your daughters will be extremely happy to wear the clothes with their tags, to show them to their friends and even to proudly wear their name and the phone number of their parents (something that they usually do not like very much. to the little ones and young people).

We give you the possibility of looking at 6 of the best label designs of the moment, we invite you to see each one of them, to take that decision calmly and choose the one that best suits the tastes of your little ones and their needs as well as parents .

The important thing is that they know that it will be very easy to print such labels and that in case of any problem with their children, they will have the telephone number on the clothes so that they can contact them and help them solve such problems.

If you want to learn how to make labels for clothes by hand, we invite you to consult this article where we show you how to do it.

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