11 Types of Fully Customizable School Notebook Labels You Should Use

As always we have to think about the ease when having to classify our children’s notebooks. To make our lives easier for them, better than to have everything well presented and classified with labels to easily identify the notebook of social studies, mathematics, geography, etc. For this reason in ESMAR Supplies we leave you some excellent label resources for school notebooks and books that we find on the internet and we consider from our experience as good resources that you can download and print totally free, we hope they will serve you. Just click the download button to get the PDF file and print it, IT’S THAT EASY.

For greater ease in using these labels for personalized notebooks, we recommend printing them on a white sheet and then sticking them with colbon or also going to some stationery and buying an adhesive sheet and printing them, and then cutting them saving you the problem of adhesive.

1. Free stickers for notebooks with motifs for girls

label for notebook

This excellent resource is now ready to print, so you can decorate your daughter’s school notebooks.

Source: caxigalines.net

2. Editable notebook labels with school graphics

custom notebook labels

This resource is excellent since it handles a very neutral graphic and can be used for both books or notebooks for boys and girls.

Source: imagenesydibujosparaimprimir.com

3. Comic labels

labels for high school notebooks

Estas etiquetas serian excelentes para niños de una mayor edad que las anteriores y lo mejor con el apogeo actual de los super heroes de la Marvel y DC vienen de maravilla.

Source: fdefifi.blogspot.com

4. Other labels for high school notebooks with super heroes

labels for notebooks in word

This time they are labels only of the Avengers with the most representative characters that your child will surely love.

Source: www.caxigalines.net

5. Large size labels for boys and girls

labels for school notebooks

These pretty labels can definitely be used to put great information on them, like name, grade, subject, and even a little description.

Source: pinterest.es

6. Labels for preschool notebooks

editable notebook labels

These label options are perfectly useful if you have children in preschool or garden, with an excellent wide space to also put a lot of information.

Source: loycarecursos.blogspot.com

7. Small labels for first grades

labels for school notebooks

This is a smaller label size that you can download to use in storybooks for your children and other academic resources that do not require a lot of information.

Source: mundoinfantildeclara.blogspot.com

8. Avengers labels for notebooks

Avengers labels

These avengers labels for your notebooks, presents them in a more toon and dioverted way, download it for free and print it on adhesive paper to later cut it out and stick it on your notebooks.

Source: Avengers Vector

9. Labels for meme notebooks

memes printable notebook labels

10. Etiquetas para cuadernos de unicornios

unicorn notebook labels

As we know, many girls die from unicorns even until adolescence, so it was essential to post the option of labels with unicorns of different colors and styles on the site.

Source: freepik

11. Toy Story labels

toy story school labels

Who has not enjoyed Woody and Buzz ?. Well, if we adults have done it, imagine the little ones and better still use this type of labels to mark their notebooks, now they are going to be encouraged to study. 😉

Looking for more labels?

Believe it or not, I have you more. Some fabulous notebook labels that you are sure to like too, just click on the link to go to the page.