5 Labels for notebooks that you must download

etiquetas para libretas

Classifying the notebooks with the possibility of putting your name and subject or just giving it that personal touch to differentiate them from the others is what these excellent label designs for downloadable notebooks are looking for. Just click on the button to open the resource in a new window and then download the label to print the one you like and voila! I hope you like it 😉

How to make notebook labels

For an easier use of these labels for notebooks, I suggest you print them on a blank sheet and then adhere them with some type of glue or also go to a stationery store and buy adhesive sheets and print them, to cut them and avoid getting your hands dirty with soap or any other type of adhesive.

1. Labels for school notebooks

stickers for school notebooks

These stickers will be perfect for your children’s school notebooks regardless of whether it is a boy or a girl, they work perfectly for both.

Download school labels

2. Unicorn labels

unicorn notebook labels

This is one of those school notebook labels that girls will surely love, especially because of the growing trend with products that have unicorns and the best completely FREE !!

Download unicorns sticker

3. Child labels

Labels for children's notebooks

These children’s stickers are sure that your children will love the activities that many of them do at school.

Download kids label

4. Personalized girls labels

labels for girls notebooks

And as there are for boys, there are also for girls 🙂 here I leave you these beautiful and delicate stickers so that girls can decorate their notebooks.

Download label

Looking for more labels?
Well, I have more labels for notebooks that can be very useful.

5. Labels without drawings to mark the notebooks

labels for notebooks without drawings

Sometimes so much motive on the labels to mark the notebooks can tire us or we have children who do not like much to put more drawings on a notebook cover than it already has them, so we leave you some labels without drawings that can work for what you are looking for.

Download label without drawings

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