What is business card printing?

impresión de tarjetas de presentación

Business cards have been in the business world for a long time. That is why today we will talk about business card printing and its importance.

In addition to being a way of remembering the service we can provide and always having the ways in which they can contact us close by.

What is business card printing?

Business card printing is simply a process in which the cards that we will use to make ourselves known to our clients and potential new clients are produced or printed.

The printing process will depend entirely on the machinery we decide to use.

For example, one of the most used methods today is the digital printing of business cards due to the great advantages it offers:

  1. faster printing
  2. can accommodate small print quantities and much more.

Should we personalize our business cards?

tarjeta de presentación personalizada

One of the great advantages that technological advances in printing offer us is that they offer us the possibility of achieving almost everything we want (in terms of design) with the business cards that we will give to clients and potential clients.

This above all can be achieved with the digital printing of business cards, a process that allows adapting a large number of designs without the need to make huge expenses or large changes in the machinery used.

Taking this into account, of course we should personalize the business cards and even give them a personal touch that shows who we are and what we have to offer.

That way they will be able to differentiate us from many other people who may provide the same service or offer the same product.

Of course, the personalization of these cards must be taking into account many important and relevant details of color theory, design care and many other things.

Remember that selecting the indicated colors and the shape of the design can totally change the way customers see us and decide to hire the services or buy the products.

What information should a good business card carry?


Now that we are clear that it is important to personalize business cards, we will know below what information we must put before printing business cards:

Contact information

Contact information is really important in a business card, we must give the opportunity to contact anyone who wants to have our services.

It is recommended not to just leave a phone number, we can also put an email and even if we have a website, also put it on the business card.

On the other hand, they can also include your most used social networks (instagram, Facebook, twitter, among others).

Personal data of the service provider

Our name and surname must be clearly marked on the card, but it is also important to attach some other things, such as, for example, the profession (or position held within an organization), the name of our company (or where we work), among other things.

Company logo

The logo of the company, business or organization is extremely important in a business card to give a feeling of greater professionalism and also in order to position the brand a little better.

What are the benefits of using and printing business cards?

business closure

Let’s now learn about some of the biggest benefits of using and printing business cards today.

Business cards don’t go out of style

Despite the fact that we live in a world where everything is done on our smart devices, business cards have never gone out of style and continue to be high quality tools to make ourselves known.

Greater professionalism

The printing of business cards and the possibility of giving a sample of who you are to clients gives a greater sense of professionalism.

Let us remember that the more professionals we see ourselves, the better possibilities of closing deals we will have.

Really cheap

They have a very low cost, which is a great advantage since with a small investment many benefits can be obtained.

What should you avoid when designing and printing business cards?

stack of business cards

Many people doubt and wonder: How to achieve a successful business card? What should I avoid doing when designing and printing them?

Today we will tell you what to avoid in business cards to achieve better results.

Do not abuse the design and information

To demonstrate professionalism, it is not necessary to have a design that is too exaggerated and with a lot of information.

It is key to remember that many times less is more and that to reflect that we are professionals we should have a very well cared design and only the necessary information (the one we discussed above).

Be very careful with the spelling

Although a business card should not be saturated with information, it would be an unacceptable error if the client could find some type of spelling error within the information placed (lack of accents, misspelled words, among other things).

To avoid this, we recommend reading the printing card several times before printing and handing them out.

Margin is also important

As with the margins on billboards and other printed elements, in business cards we must also take care of the margins and be careful with how we design the card.

The experts’ recommendation regarding the margin? Leave a large enough space between the text and the edge of the card (it would not be acceptable if the text was cut or something like that).

When you know the great advantages of business cards, how much we can achieve by having them available, and how inexpensive business card printing can be, we can get serious about it, design the first cards and print them as soon as possible to start increase the customer base and improve your brand.

And in case you decide to have your own business cards, we recommend that you read how to choose a good printing company so that you can have your final product.

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