Opal print

Impresión en opalina

opaline is a material for printing business cards, birthday cards, wedding cards as well as diplomas, brochures, certificates and any other product that requires an elegant and distinguished finish.

It is an easy-to-handle paper widely used for cards, school or office work. In the following article we are going to answer some questions and appropriate uses in printing with this paper.

Characteristics of the opaline paper on the market

In general, in an average market you can find opaline paper in weights of 90, 180, 200. This is one of the most used printing papers because it has a smooth, uniform surface and is an uncoated paper. It is widely used for 200 gram personal and folding card printing.

What is opaline printing like depending on the type of printer?

As it is our objective to help you, here we share a compilation of videos that indicate step by step how to print in opaline according to the type of printer according to our experience, which will surely be very useful to you.

Can you print on cardstock on an Epson printer?

This question is asked a lot on our blog and the answer is yes, the best example is this simple tutorial.

HP Opaline Printing

In this official HP video tutorial, you can see the following steps that we will also indicate below:

To load paper and print an alignment page on the HP Smart Tank 500 and 600 Printer series.

  1. After unpacking the printer, fill the ink tanks and install the printheads, lift the input tray, and slide the paper guides to their outermost positions.
  2. Load plain white paper into the input tray and adjust the guides.
  3. On touchscreen models, tap OK.
  4. On models without a touch screen, an A appears on the control panel and an alignment page prints.
  5. Lift the scanner lid, place the alignment page printed side down in the upper left corner of the scanner glass, and close the lid.
  6. Touch Scan or press the Start Black & White Copy button to calibrate the printer.
  7. On touchscreen models, an alignment successful message appears.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Remove and recycle the calibration page.
  10. To complete the Smart Tank printer setup, go to 123.hp.com on your mobile device or computer.

    Here you can see all the steps with an instructional video.

How to print in opal with a Canon printer

Printing Coated Paper with Canon G1100, G2100, G3100 Printer. Do not be confused by the term couché paper, this coated paper is one of the most used papers in printing. Couché paper is a microporous paper, that is, it has very small pores so that they do not absorb the printed ink. So the print stays on the top layer, very smooth. The paper finish can be matte or glossy.

With this explained, we refer you to the fact that the type of paper used in the video that you will see is 300 grams thick, very similar to the weight of opaline, so this example can be applied to this type of paper.

Are you interested in papers and types of printing? here we share another article that you may also be interested in about printing on acetate

How to print on Brother opaline paper

Printing on the Brother printer is somewhat faster than the Epson, but you sacrifice slightly less intense color.

  1. Press Up Arrow Menu and or Down Arrow to select General Settings. Tap Settings or Menu/Settings.
  2. Press Up Arrow or Down Arrow to select the paper type. Tap Settings or Menu/Settings.
  3. Press Up Arrow or Down Arrow to select Normal, Fine, Heavy, Heavy, Transparency, or Recycled. Tap Settings or Menu/Settings.
  4. Press Stop/Exit.

Price of this type of printing

The opal printing service in Latin America fluctuates between $2 and $5 dollars.

The types of services most offered on opal printing are:
Certificates, diplomas, acknowledgments, school newsletter, graduation, memoirs, school, postcard, bookmark, company, awards, farewell, some even manage home delivery of the finished product with a very low surplus.

We hope that this complete article on opaline printing has been very useful for you to give free rein to your printing projects and achieve the best finishes.

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