Vowels to print uppercase and lowercase

vocales para imprimir

Today we will give you a tool vowels to print in color, in uppercase and lowercase letters so that you can work on different activities with the little ones and start them in the world of letters.

What are vowels?

Before you can download this great color printable vowel gift we have for you, we’re going to tell you a bit about vowels so you can not only show and work with the guys but also explain a little more about them.

In the Spanish language there are two sounds: vowels and consonants.

Vowels are letters with sounds or phonemes typical of the natural language, which are pronounced with an open mouth without obstruction of the tongue, teeth or lips.

The five vowel sounds are: a, e, i, o, u. In all languages, vowels form the nucleus of syllables, while consonants need a vowel to form syllables.

Therefore, we can say that the main function of vowels is to complement the sound of consonants and thus form words with meaning.

Vowel classification

Vowels are classified into strong vowels and weak vowels, which allow the rules of stress to be identified and the syllables of a word to be distinguished.

Strong vowels

The strong vowels are a, e, o, also called open vowels because they are pronounced with the oral cavity much more open than with other sounds.

On these vowels falls the greatest strength of the voice and thus form a syllabic nucleus to form hiatus or diphthongs.

Weak vowels

The weak vowels are i, u, also known as closed vowels since they do not require a wide opening of the mouth when pronouncing them. These vowels do not function as a syllabic nucleus.

Download vowels to print

And now yes, what is promised is debt, you will be able to download these beautiful vowels to print in uppercase and lowercase color and carry out different activities with children with vowels to print, where in addition to having fun, they will learn!

Vowels to print in full color

Below you can download a series of vowels to print in color pdf in both upper and lower case.

Vowels to print for coloring

Then you can download the vowels in both uppercase and lowercase so that the little ones can color them in the colors they like the most.

Vowels to print and cut out

Then you can download the vowels to print and cut out in color in both uppercase and lowercase so that children can cut them out and thus, in addition to knowing them, they will work on fine motor skills that are much needed for the writing process later on.

Activities with vowels

Below you can download some activities with vowels to print where children can practice the identification, the use of vowels and some words that are written with these vowels.

You can also do some fun activities with the vowels with the ideas that we are going to give you:

Dice of vowels

Build a die or get a large die and put each of the vowels on five of the faces, the free space will serve as a wild card.

Roll the dice and ask your little one to name a word that begins with the vowel that came up on the dice.

I play “I see, I see” with the vowels

You can practice this fun guessing game with your little ones using only words that start with vowels.

For example, you can say:

  • I see I see
  • Do you see?
  • A liquid
  • What letter does it start with?
  • with the letter a

The liquid can be water, oatmeal or another that you have at home and meets the condition of starting with the vowel.

You can imagine other games with the vowels so that you have much more fun! You can also download other letter resources to carry out other types of activities, for example, A4 letters, happy birthday letters, letter molds and others.

We hope that these vowel resources to print lowercase, uppercase, in color, to color and cut out have been to your liking and will help you awaken the love of letters in your little ones.

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