Types of labels and tags in Medellín

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In the configuration of the sale process of a garment, we will always look at the size, the cost or the care that we must take with it, for this we will resort to labels and tags. For a short time they went unnoticed, they simply gave information to the end customer. They are now an integral part of clothing. They are no longer considered a separate element. Now more than ever, labels and tags respond to the needs of garment manufacturers and have an important function for brands: generating their identity.

The types of labels and tags in Medellín are:


Labels printed with a high photographic quality in full color, on a soft opaque or glossy satin in which the design will be faithfully highlighted even with very elaborate designs an important quality to be exploited in this type of labels, among other characteristics is that no

causes any type of damage to the garment or makes the person wearing it uncomfortable.


As their name says, they are high quality fabrics of up to 7 colors giving the design an impressive texture, being the best option when you want to make a difference in a garment on the market.


This type of labels are made of nylon whose main use is for variable data such as sic, qr, aztec codes, compositions, import and export resolutions. Some of these labels draw attention for the originality in their elaboration with their unique designs thanks to the fact that this type of elaboration allows it, or because in some way, it is as if they give an extra message to the consumer.


These labels are made of plastic material in high or low relief in two and three dimensions according to the needs, its particularity is that it will take the design to another level giving the garment a new personality.

If you are interested in any type of labels such as those mentioned above, we can advise you if there is no type of commitment in our section labels for clothes medellin.

The types of Stickers offered in Medellin are:

When we want to have a Sticker designed, what kind of Sticker do we want? this is a question of great importance. In general, the sticker printing market in Medellin handles a great offer and variety in this type of service according to our experience, but how to choose which is the best sticker or sticker for your message? Here we present a general but very instructive summary of the most popular and used formats, materials and applications in Medellin that may serve as a reference when hiring a service like this.

The first thing you should decide when quoting the printing of stickers in Medellin is if you want them in roll or sheet. The rolls are ideal for labels and for handling large numbers, we will also show you some different options where for example the sheets are ideal for when a lower volume of adhesives is required.

Custom stickers on roll

  • Aluminum adhesive labels

    These stickers have a nice shiny metallic finish that will definitely highlight your product, giving your brand an additional impact for the user. These labels or stickers are great for gifting, creating custom wine labels, or VIP-type products.

  • Polypropylene stickers

    These labels have the characteristic of being transparent and have an excellent full color reproduction, which will guarantee that your logo or label design looks spectacular, their durable material and permanent adhesive will be without a doubt one of the best options to maintain the label always in contact with the product.

  • Durable labels, known as BOPP

    They are ideal for labeling products or for use on non-rough surfaces. This waterproof, UV fade resistant, oil resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant product, making it truly durable and useful in a variety of environments. These labels come with a permanent adhesive and are available in custom shapes and sizes, as well as standard shapes.

  • Labels for writing

    They are an agile and simple way to label your products at the same time that you customize each label manually. These labels have a strong and durable adhesive that can be scratched with a pen, pencil, or marker.

  • Paper stickers

    They are easy to distribute, at the same time that they are an option at a more favorable price. Labels and adhesive Paper are very versatile and are the perfect way to start, or when ordering in bulk.

Custom stickers on sheets

  • Permanent adhesive stickers for clothes

    They are used as a different option to metal labels. They are excellent to implement on sewn clothing labels as they have a highly sticky material, there is no need to iron these labels.

  • Clear Vinyl Adhesive Labels

    These Stickers really make a design stand out. They are ideal for products that use glass jars and even give a level of status to the glass product where they are used. Also due to their transparent characteristics, they are widely used for cell phone cases and car windows.

  • White Vinyl Adhesive Labels

    They are the perfect alternative for multiple purposes, for example they are excellent for outdoor use, for use at home and for marketing pieces among others.