Printing adhesive labels

impresión de etiquetas adhesivas

Have you considered printing adhesive labels so that your brand is present on all your products?

If you want your labels to be unique and identifiable, offering a superior quality design will be key to making an instant impact.

Below we will tell you more about printing adhesive labels and what you should take into account when making them or hiring a specialized company for it.

What are adhesive labels?

Although this question seems obvious, we want to clarify it so you don’t get confused about what we are talking about.

Adhesive or self-adhesive labels are those that have a sticky material on one of their faces that adheres to any surface such as bottles, cardboard, plastic, etc.

These labels are generally referred to as product labels because they are the most effective and popular means of labeling products in the food, beverage, cosmetics, beauty, and many other industries.

The printing of adhesive labels is now very important in the industries since they are fully customizable, they adhere to any type of material, they are versatile, durable and they are an effective marketing tool for any product and brand.

Dare to use adhesive labels on your products and you will see excellent results!

Aspects to take into account when printing adhesive labels

There are several very important aspects when designing, choosing, printing and using an adhesive product label.

Keep them in mind so that you can achieve the best results in the sale of your products and the positioning of your brand in the market.

Label design does matter

For the sale of your products to be successful, the design of the adhesive labels that make up your product is vital so that consumers can:

  • Have an instant impact of it (pretty, eye-catching, reliable, good-looking)
  • Know all the information related to the product they are acquiring, for example: the ingredients, materials, precautions for use and storage, legal information and others.
  • Be totally personalized and reflect what your brand wants to sell.

Do not start to invent or try to make your own labels if you are not in the graphic and technological capacity to do so, since it is better to pay for a good design and printing of labels that are worth it, so that your product is striking and it has an impact. in your sales.

Printing requirements are essential

In the previous item we said that the design of a product label is fundamental and we gave you the reasons for it. 

However, it is important to consider not only that your label is visually appealing, but also that it meets the appropriate printing requirements.

These key aspects include:

  • graphics resolution
  • the amount of color needed to get the result you want
  • highlight the cut area to be able to separate them later, etc.

The type of adhesive depends on the purpose of the label

Selecting the correct material is essential to be able to print adhesive labels with a satisfactory result.

The type of sticker you need will depend a lot on the purpose of the sticker.

For example, if the label is for a frozen or refrigerated product, its material and resistance must be very different than if you are going to use it on a beauty product or one that will not be exposed to extreme temperatures.

Or if you are going to use it as prices or informative text for electronic products, it is important to have an adhesive label that is resistant to chemicals, temperature and water.

Each case is unique as well as your products, so take your time and let yourself be advised by experts since the prestige of your products and your brand is at stake.

The supplier of your adhesive labels must be comprehensive

It is very important that you choose good suppliers or label printers that offer all the guarantees to help you sell your product through a label.

The supplier must:

  • Give the best advice in terms of design, quality, the most suitable type of material for your products and the type of printing that best suits your budget and particular needs.
  • offer the possibility of printing labels in small quantities to make it easier for you to make changes if necessary or renew the label from time to time.
  • have experience designing and printing adhesive labels
  • have innovative and adequate technology for what you need
  • offer the best quality and security in the labels you are acquiring

Therefore, you should investigate to find the best place to print adhesive labels or where to print self-adhesive labels, so that you do not get surprises later.

Seek advice or word of mouth from other people and companies so that they guarantee that the supplier you choose will know how to print adhesive labels, in addition to giving you the best advice according to your needs.

The only thing we recommend is that you do not go for the cheapest, if it is your brand, try to produce the best quality adhesive labels so that this is reflected in your products.

Now that you know much more about adhesive label printing, we invite you to find the best options for your products and position your brand in the local and international market.

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