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Large format digital printing

Impresión digital en gran formato

This technique consists of making direct printing from the computer to the machine without the need to make plates or photopolymers. It is useful for low volume printing processes and short lead times.

Characteristics of digital printing

  • This technique offers almost immediate availability of the printed matter, it does not require cooling or drying time.
  • It presents the possibility of printing in small and large formats according to the needs of each production.
  • The printing is done direct so it is a little cheaper.
  • Suitable for custom printing (fixed and variable data). It can be done in a
  • wide variety of papers, according to the needs of each client.
  • Only CYMK prints can be made, this technique does not have the option of being able to prepare special colors.

Types of plotter printers and inks for large format printing

Large format printing actually has many advantages, including the ability to print on different media, such as vinyls, metal, Plexiglas and others, either with glossy or semi-gloss ink. When you have all these alternatives, you actually easily make your ad product stand out.

Large format printers come in a variety of types, including aqueous, solvent, and UV. Each type works best in different scenarios.

Solvent printers

They are excellent for outdoor printing projects, as the ink used is durable and can withstand more extreme environments, such as direct exposure to the sun and water. The ink is scratch resistant and printable on flexible, uncoated vinyl surfaces. Due to the fact that solvent printers handle harmful gases, it is vitally important to manage a ventilation system on site.

Aqueous Printers

produce high resolution images and have a faster turnaround time. They use water-based ink, and since they don’t emit harmful gases, they don’t need ventilation. The paper on which the printer works must have a special coating so that the ink sticks.

UV printers

They provide the most versatile printing capability and can print on a wide variety of items. These printers produce the most durable products. They use latex and resin based inks, but there are water based inks that are environmentally friendly. If water-based latex ink is handled, ventilation is not necessary.

Latex ink printers

This is a relatively new product in the printing market, but it is heralded as the ink that will revolutionize that market, especially in the large format printing sector. It is presented as a clean, ecological and perfect outdoor ink, which combines the use of latex inks and thermal injection technology. One of its weight characteristics is that it is friendly to the environment since they are not flammable, do not contain ethereal organic compounds or produce harmful emissions to the earth’s ozonosphere.