Great aesthetic stickers to print

stickers aesthetic para imprimir

In this article we will give you great aesthetic stickers to print that you can use on the surface that you like the most.

Printable aesthetics are super fun, everyone loves them and you can also make them yourself.

Continue to the end of the article to learn not only about the aesthetics to print that we have for you, but also about all the valuable information that we offer you.

The funniest aesthetic stickers to print

Below you can find a series of stickers separated by colors or themes to make their location easier.

Print all the stickers you want and have fun like never before!

Tender aesthetic stickers to print pink

Pink is too cute a color and it’s super trendy, so here you’ll find these sweet stickers not only for girls but also for adult women who feel totally identified with pink.

Serious stickers blue

Blue, being a cold color within the chromatic circle, denotes seriousness and sobriety, so here you can download stickers with this category.

Fun aesthetic stickers to print green

Green is the color of hope and also the signature color of some sports teams.

Here you can download the most beautiful green stickers to combine with what you like best.

Assorted stickers of plants

Plants are favorite elements for many, which is why here we offer you a wide selection of plants that you can print and paste on the surface you prefer.

Sober vintage aesthetic stickers to print

The vintage trend is preferred by many for its sobriety and for that unique style that evokes past times.

Here you can download some sober and beautiful vintage stickers that you will love.

Different stickers anime

Anime has also been a trend for many years for its cute, sometimes sad creations, with perfect features and many other characteristics.

In this option you can download some anime images for you to print and remember this great trend anywhere.

All the aesthetic stickers to print in pdf that we offer you have two characteristics: they are in pdf format to make it easier to print and manipulate, and they are totally free so that you can print without problems and share them with whoever you want.

Ways to print these aesthetic stickers

It is possible that you download the files with all the aesthetic stickers to print that we offer you but you wonder how do I turn them into stickers?

Here we will tell you two ways to do it but surely there will be others.

Print on sticky paper

If your printer allows it and accepts white adhesive paper, you can print the file directly on that paper. This is the easiest way to have your stickers ready.

But if your printer does not allow this, we go to the next option.

Print on normal sheet and then turn it stickers

To use this option, you will need a transparent adhesive paper that is sold in stationery stores. In some countries it is known as contact paper, in others it is known as waxed paper, etc.

It is possible that in other countries it has another name, but it is the paper that we normally use at home to cover notebooks or a drawing that we want to keep, or an important document that we do not want to be damaged.

Follow the following steps that we indicate so that you can have your beautiful aesthetic stickers available to print:

  1. Print the file on normal white sheet
  2. Cut the stickers leaving a small edge, that is, do not cut it flush with the drawing.
  3. Cut a piece of contact paper or waxed paper. You can cut to the size of each individual image or a larger piece so you can assemble multiple images at once.
  4. Put the contact or waxed paper on the brightest side, that is, on the side that does not have the adhesive.
  5. Mount the cropped images on top of it with a separation that allows you to crop later.
  6. Secure the images with heavy tape on top to prevent them from falling off.
  7. Cut out the “already laminated” image again and leave a surplus of the plastic edge if you want it that way.
  8. It’s that easy to have your stickers available, you just have to remove the paper that covers the adhesive and paste it on the surface of your choice.

As you may have realized, making stickers at home is very easy; and much easier if you use the aesthetic sticker templates to print that we offer you, although you can also search for your own images and assemble a template of your choice, for example, make black and white aesthetic stickers to print.

We also tell you that in places like stationery you can get the stickers already built to use directly and request them as aesthetic stationery stickers to print, but many times it is better to make them ourselves to our liking.

If you want to know how to download other types of stickers, we recommend the article on Christmas stickers, the article on circular stickers or labels, or the article on stickers or labels for notebooks.

We hope that all the aesthetic stickers to print that we put at your disposal are to your liking or at least you have ideas to build your own stickers.

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