Do you know the images of kawaii drawings?

imágenes de dibujos kawaii

Images of kawaii drawings became very popular in Japan in the 80’s with Hello Kitty and later came other characters like Pucca, Rilakkuma bear and many others.

Today, this Japanese drawing style is known all over the world and is so popular that it is widely used on billboards, advertisements, advertising pieces, flyers, and even on television series.

In this article, you will not only be able to download kawaii drawings to print and color, but you will also learn a little more about this popular drawing technique.

Kawaii cartoon images to download

We wanted to define a series of images of kawaii drawings and, in general, easy and beautiful kawaii coloring pages for you to have fun coloring with your little ones and trying to draw with this cute style.

Easy kawaii coloring pages

In this option you can download a variety of easy kawaii coloring pages that both boys and girls will love because this Japanese drawing technique is too beautiful and cute!

Kawaii characters coloring pages

The kawaii characters are so cute that it is difficult to differentiate a drawing of a man and a boy or a woman and a girl, they are all too “cute”.

Here you can download and print kawaii coloring pages of people, men and women, boys and girls. Dive into the details in these cute character drawings, take a pencil and paper and try to make them!

Kawaii Christmas Coloring Pages

Most of us love the Christmas season, we can’t wait for December to start decorating our house and for this Christmas atmosphere to be felt in everything.

For children, this time is no exception, they also look forward to it, so print these cute kawaii Christmas coloring images that, in addition to feeling connected to this time, you will have fun with the little ones in the house.

Kawaii Animal Coloring Pages

The animals in the kawaii technique are “very cute”, so you will have the option to download kawaii animal coloring pages that you will love!

Kawaii printable drawings

Lastly, if what you want are some colored kawaii drawings, here you can download some diverse and beautiful full-color drawings drawn with the Japanese kawaii technique, which you can make available to children so that they can use them as they like best.

For example, try to draw and color them themselves, stick them in their notebooks, stick them in their rooms or use them as decorations at the little ones’ birthday parties.

Let’s clarify everything about kawaii drawings

It is possible that you are not very clear about what kawaii means and what is around it, so we will try to answer some of the most frequent questions about kawaii culture.

History of Kawaii culture

The word kawaii means “cute” or “cute”. Kawaii is a Japanese drawing aesthetic that has its own technique, which can be learned in such an easy way that you just have to look for a tutorial on YouTube and you will find a large series of results that will help you draw any object around you.

This kawaii culture dates back to the 70’s when young people began to develop a children’s writing that was based on rounded letters and a kitty writing, which were accompanied by stars, hearts and cartoon characters.

It is believed that this style arose from the need for young people to express their individuality after the rigid post-war era, although rounded writing was prohibited. However, in the 80’s, advertisers and advertisers took this style, which gained a lot of popularity and the most representative character was born there.

Hello Kitty, the most representative kawaii drawing

Undoubtedly one of the best known kawaii cartoon images in the world is Hello Kitty.

But the drawing technique already existed long before Hello Kitty became known throughout the world, however, it went around the planet and that is why it became so recognized.

This character was designed by Yuko Yamaguchi in 1974, who today, almost 50 years later, is known throughout the world.

In Japan, Hello Kitty was recognized in 2008 as its official tourism ambassador, which has its own bullet train, is embodied in hundreds of products, and is the most representative character in kawaii culture.

However, there are also other well-known kawaii drawings such as Pikachu, the Afro Ken dog, the Rilakkuma bear, Megagoma, Pucca and others that can be found on any object such as a cup, a stuffed animal, a backpack, in advertisements and even in Netflix shows.

Main characteristics of kawaii

The main characteristics of the kawaii drawing technique are the features of the face, aligned eyes and nose, close mouth, luminous eyes, simple colors and shapes.

You can turn any object you find around you into a kawaii drawing by putting eyes and a mouth typical of this technique.

For example, think of a pizza or a sandwich, keep it simple, put the eyes and mouth with the characteristics of this Japanese technique and just like that, you already have some cute and tender kawaii drawings.

In summary, the main characteristics of kawaii drawings will be mentioned below:

  1. huge round and tender eyes
  2. rounded shapes, i.e. shapes that give the impression of chubby drawings
  3. large heads and disproportionate bodies
  4. small nose
  5. easy expressionless face
  6. limited color palette, mostly pastel shades.
  7. simplicity of both the shapes and the color palette used
  8. animated objects that come to life, for example, a star, a cloud, a food, an animal or anything else.

We hope that this article on the kawaii drawing technique has been to your liking and that you can download the images of kawaii drawings so that your children have fun coloring these adorable drawings.

Additionally, we invite you to learn about another series of lyrics resources and more that we have published on our blog that will be very useful to you.

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