Coloring and printing pages of all varieties and styles

dibujos para colorear e imprimir

To download these drawings, all you have to do is click on the image or the “download” button: you can download all the drawings for coloring pages and print A4 size pdf, on your computer or device. To see the different categories, you can use the index that is presented at the beginning of this page.

Coloring Page

In this list, we have taken special care to offer you the latest resources of trendy drawings for young people. If you are a parent looking for coloring print drawings page that will really grab your child’s attention, these are the appropriate options according to the information and entertainment that young people are consuming today. We hope you like them.

Coloring pages in word format

Dibujos para colorear en formato word

Here we present some excellent options of drawings to download in word format that will surely be very useful to carry out activities with the little ones.

Among us coloring pages

Dibujos para colorear de among us

Among us is a game that has been the madness for the youngest. It is a multiplayer action game similar to the PC games Decit and Mafia card. It was released by Inner Sloth in 2018, but became popular in 2020. In this game, you have to play as a crew member. According to the plot, the ship has broken down and needs to be repaired. Each player has their own tasks and must complete them.

For example, someone is fixing the wiring and someone is cleaning the vent. There is nothing complicated in principle, but the problem is that there is an imposter on the ship who can kill everyone. The survivors need to repair the ship and fly, or simply find the traitor and launch him into outer space to win.

Without further ado, in the following link you can download a wide variety of Among Us drawings to color and print, they look amazing.

February 14 Printable Coloring Pages

Dibujos para imprimir del 14 de febrero

Every February 14, every country in the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with great enthusiasm and joy. For many people this is a very special day where the importance of love is emphasized, although people believe in its commercial origins, it comes from a long time ago. That is why we also put some spectacular drawings at your disposal for you to download and print, you will surely like them.

Coloring and printing pages for older adults

Dibujos para colorear e imprimir para adultos mayores

In the rhythm of modern life, we often feel increasing moral pressure. Adult coloring pages not only help restore inner harmony, but also help to have fun. This will help you relax, forget about life problems, and immerse yourself in creativity.

You can use colored pencils, markers, or pens to draw. Color themes can be very different: landscapes, mandalas, cats, and insects. Each coloring page can be colored in different ways, depending on your mood, state of mind, and even the time of day and location..

Batman drawings

Dibujos de batman

Definitely this character is one of the permanent requests by children in their coloring and printing drawings, all very likely to the great diffusion in the media of this hero, and who does not like it? Let’s admit that even adults have the odd accessory of this night gentleman 🙂

Drawings for preschool children

Children like to paint. In fact, this is a very interesting activity and you can reach your full potential by becoming true artists. However, the best thing is that this very pleasant activity has brought them enormous benefits, not only on a psychomotor level, but also in terms of their emotional development.

In fact, drawing or coloring has been shown to stimulate fine motor control and improve hand-eye coordination and develop your writing skills. In addition, the coloring has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system and can reduce the symptoms of anxiety, hyperactivity and impulsivity. As if this were not enough, painting can also increase concentration and stimulate creativity in children, and is an excellent therapy to channel negative emotions and express them.

Disney Coloring Pages Printable

Disney dibujos para colorear e imprimir

Disney paintings are part of a child’s dream world. What girl or boy does not know these gentle and admired characters? That is why we provide you with some drawings of their favorite characters; on this occasion, let them color at home or at school, where they can learn to draw, distinguish colors and learn to draw by copying the protagonist. You can download them to your PC, print them and paint, it’s that simple.

Mermaids to print

Dibujos para imprimir de sirenas

They are one of the most viewed wonderful and mythological creatures. Half woman and half fish. The painting of the mermaid will take the little ones to the deepest part of the ocean between the horse and the starfish, that is if you let them paint them as they want, or have you already seen a mermaid in the real world and do you know its color? better explore your imagination.

Vowel drawings

Dibujos de las vocales

Definitely the best way to teach a child the vowels is to relate them to them and what better way than to make them interact for a long time with them by coloring them, that is why we enclose them in circles so that they fill it in with their favorite color while they visualize the letter.

Unicorn Coloring and Print Resources

Recursos para colorear e imprimir de unicornios

These resources are definitely for the little ones, few girls resist the illustrations of unicorns and what better than to have one to color and entertain as a recreational activity.

Is not sufficient? Do you want more?. Well, we are not going to disappoint you, here you can find more coloring pictures that will surely be added to your repertoire to get to work, we hope you like them.

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