Arroba as it gets on the computer

Arroba como se pone en la computadora

Although it sounds strange, there are times when we need to use the @ sign and we often ask ourselves, and how do you put the at in the computer? But many people do not know how to remove it from the keyboard and this can be a headache, so at the request of some followers of our blog we put out this article, which we hope will be useful and avoid migraines to more than one jajajaj.

Arroba what does it mean

The at symbol is represented by the @ character and is an element used to distinguish and separate the username from the server name in an email address, such as username @ server.

It is also used in other social networks to mention the user’s account, such as Twitter or Instagram. However, it is much more versatile and can be used as a sign to indicate places or businesses that provide Internet access.

Arroba símbolo copiar y pegar

If you like the easy life you just have to select here the @ sign that we leave it well highlighted 🙂 so that you can select it with the cursor and just click the right mouse button and then copy, that simple, it is only to give new right button on the part where you want to paste it and click on paste.

At ascii code

Arroba as it gets on the computer

On the numeric keypad, the ASCII code has a series of codes that are used to represent alphanumeric characters (symbols, numbers, and accents). This code uses a decimal scale from 0 to 127. Thus, to be able to type certain special characters, there are key combinations.

The ASCII code is typed by pressing the “Alt” key on the keyboard and the corresponding numeric code. The following are the indications to copy the at sign with ASCII code:

Write "@": Alt + 64 o Ctrl + Alt + 2.

Arroba in windows 10

Many people wonder how to do it on HP computers with Windows 10?

  • On a laptop with a number pad, press Ctrl + Alt + 2 or Alt + 64.
  • On the Latin American Spanish keyboard, press Alt Gr + Q.
  • On an international Spanish keyboard, press Alt Gr + 2.

Arroba on mac keyboard

Recently, the MacBook Air equipped with the M1 chip will use the Latin American keyboard, leaving the Spanish version that was not included until recently. This new feature allows you to remove some symbols that are rarely used in this area so that users can take full advantage of them. Among those symbols is the at sign and here we show you how to continue using it because we are here to help you;)

The at sign (@) is now in the Option (alt) + Q combination.

Arroba with English keyboard

Sometimes it happens to us that we are not at our computer and the blessed keyboard is configured in English, apparently the owner thinks he is very bilingual and does not think that he is going to lend it hehehe, but hey, it’s actually very easy to do it from ascii code in Windows.

On the US English keyboard, press Shift + 2.

If your device has a numeric keypad, use the key combination Ctrl, Alt, 2, or Alt, 64. Alt Gr, à (French keyboard).

Some last tips on the at as it is put on the computer

In the end, in a simple and summarized way for a keyboard that is configured in Spanish.

The basic instructions for learning how to position on a Spanish keyboard is to hold down the AltGr key and press the letter Q or the number 2, depending on where the “@” symbol is visible on the peripheral device.

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