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Did you know that you can find a nail printer on the market, with which you can print great designs where the limit is your imagination?

In this article we will tell you the characteristics of nail printers, their characteristics and much more information that will interest you a lot!

What is a nail printer?

A nail printer is a machine that prints both natural and false nails, for fingernails and toenails.

This machine comes with a number of preloaded designs but other designs or photos can also be imported in a special format so that you can use the nail printer with a cell phone using a USB port or wirelessly (wifi or bluetooth).

The printers are compatible with both Android and iPhone cell phones.

Your nails can be left with a totally personalized design, they can also be printed on natural, gel, acrylic, permanent or sculpted nails and the ink has great durability.

What is the process to print designs on your nails?

The process to print designs on your nails you have to follow a few simple steps to use your nail printer in the best way:

  1. Apply a special white nail polish and when it dries, apply another transparent nail polish. These will be the base of the canvas where you will put your designs.
  2. Then, choose the design of your choice and put your finger on the printing machine. Using the viewer that the machine has, place your finger in the correct position so that the design is perfect.
  3. In a few minutes your nail will be ready.
  4. Finally, you must give a layer of varnish to protect the colors

As you may have noticed, the process for using nail printers is super simple, since printing all your nails can take between 5 and 10 minutes. 

Types of nail printers

Nail printers can be found manual and automatic:

Manual nail printers are almost like toys, so they are cheaper and their use is also a bit more complicated.

Automatic nail printers are for professional use, come with a screen or connect to the cell phone to view the printing result before doing it.

Unfortunately, nail printers are quite expensive compared to doing a manicure in the traditional way, however, if you buy one you can do a very interesting business with it.

You can make your own designs and print them on false nails and market them online or with your friends and acquaintances; You can print your own designs that your clients print or custom designs and sell them.

Rather, a good business opportunity opens up that you can take advantage of to generate income.

Advantages and disadvantages of a nail printer

  1. You save time and energy, because the impression is really very fast compared to spending two hours or more with a manicurist.
  2. The design on your nails is precise, there is no room for errors as they could occur with a manual design.
  3. You can capture more complex designs on your nails, with more colors, in general, more elaborate.
  4. The ink is very durable.

The biggest disadvantage of the nail printer is its cost, which is why you should analyze your purchase very well.

The most popular brand in nail printers 

Although there are several manufacturers of this type of printer on the market, it is not easy to find them in any beauty store, but it is possible to find some machines on the internet, especially on amazon and mercadolibre, where you will not only find the printers but also the necessary implements such as cartridges and bases for their use.

O’2nails. This is the best known brand in the nail printer market, which has been specializing in its manufacture for several years.

Its products, which are not only printers but nail tools in general, have spread to more than 80 countries.

This company has several models of printers such as the Artpro Nail Printer v7 and v11 and its flagship product, the Fullmate X11 printer, which is the favorite of aesthetic and beauty professionals.

We invite you to search for many more options of nail printers on the internet and to read some reviews of them so that you are more informed and acquire the one that best suits your budget and needs.

We also invite you to read our article on 3D printing in fashion so you can learn about other printer applications.

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