6 Spectacular labels for pencils to edit and print for free

etiquetas para lapices

Here I present a large number of labels for pencils that you are sure to love, to personalize and identify those pencils that your children tend to lose so much.

1. Labels for marking colors

color labels

Do your children lose their colors frequently? Or perhaps they bring home colors that do not belong to them since by mistake they took those of a classmate? Or maybe they confuse their colors with those of their brothers? You can solve these problems by personalizing your children’s colors and pencils through school labels for pencils so that if they lose them they can be easily identified and with a high probability of recovering them :).

Below you can download some labels for colors and pencils to print for free, these are generic labels.

Download labels to mark colors

2. Unicorn pencil labels

unicorn pencil labels

Very fashionable these days, the unicorn will make your daughters’ pencils more fun. Download below the school labels for pencils.

Download unicorn labels

3. Child pencil labels

labels for pencils child

Boys tend to be a bit more distracted than girls, however you can avoid headaches by using these fun free printable pencil labels and preventing them from losing them.

Download child labels

4. Dinosaur pencil labels

For kids who love these “terrible lizards” (that’s what Dinosaur stands for), they will love the personalized pencils and colors with the school pencil labels that you can download below.

Download Dinosaur Labels

5. School labels

school labels

Have you ever wondered if there could be these wonderful pencil labels that would help you personalize your children’s pencils and colors? We have very good news for you, they exist !! and they are super fun and easy to use.

Download school labels

6. Editable school pencil labels

pencil labels

Every time, at the beginning of the school year, we parents are preparing to mark all of our children’s school supplies. With these labels for pencils to edit and print for free you can make it fun, personalized and beautiful.

Download school labels

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