Coloring and printing pages of all varieties and styles

To download these drawings, all you have to do is click on the image or the “download” button: you can download all the drawings for coloring pages and print A4 size pdf, on your computer or device. To see the different categories, you can use the index that is presented at the beginning of this page.

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Arroba as it gets on the computer

Although it sounds strange, there are times when we need to use the @ sign and we often ask ourselves, and how do you put the at in the computer? But many people do not know how to remove it from the keyboard and this can be a headache, so at the request of some followers of our blog we put out this article, which we hope will be useful and avoid migraines to more than one jajajaj.

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Everything you need to know about grayscale

Grayscale is part of some of the most important concepts in color theory, it is widely known for its great applications in design and printers today.

The shade of gray is also known as the achromatic scale, which represents those colors that have no color.

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Best uv printers for your designs on any surface

Today we bring you the best uv printers that you can find in the market to personalize your articles, whether they are advertising and / or as gifts.

A great revolution in printing with which you can print almost on any substrate!

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What is a daguerreotype and how does it work?

Today we will know what a daguerreotype is and everything related to it, a device that started photography as we know it today.

For all of us who know and love photography, it is important to know the history that has led us to have the possibility of even taking pictures from our mobile phones and how it all started.

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What is the color scale?

Within the theory of color we can find a very interesting concept that we will definitely have heard sometime in our lives: the color scale.

But do we really know what the color scale is? Could you answer that question without checking your mobile phone or searching the internet? Surely not, but don’t worry, today you will learn much more about this concept.

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Warm and cool colors, broad color theory

The difference between warm colors and cold colors has been part of color theory since the 18th century and the main purpose of studying these colors is to know how they can affect those who look at such paintings or designs.

This difference and the effects that both types of colors can have on art is known as the color temperature.

How to know if a color is cold or warm? It all depends on how our brain perceives that color and how we interpret the sensation that color gives us.

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Complete Theory on Simultaneous Color Contrast

Have you ever heard of simultaneous color contrast?

The truth is that this is a very interesting human phenomenon and one that is worth knowing

It is for that reason that today we bring you the complete theory on simultaneous color contrast.

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Everything you need to know about the color cyan

Do you want to know the origin of the cyan color? Here you can learn a little about the cyan color meaning and more?

Stay with us today you can learn everything you need to know and much more about one of the colors that raises the most emotions in the world.

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What is the khaki color? Uses and combinations

Do you know what the color is khaki?

How many times have you heard about this color, but you don’t know what it means, its history, its uses and the possible combinations that can be obtained from this color?

Do not worry because today they will know everything they need to know about the color khaki, its uses, combinations, a little history and much more.

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